1/2 the Cooking fun!! Lo-Cal Recipes

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After a few months of dieting, dinner gets to be same ‘ol. There are some great lo cal recipes out there while lately I have begun to take recipes and modify them to be lo cal to add some variety…

So this one is a modified turkey burger, took something kind of ho-hum and we ended up loving it!! The burger is incredibly moist.

This makes 12 good size turkey burgers, which I froze in packages of 3.

3 pounds of lean ground turkey
3 apples
3 stalks celery
½ cup Special K cereal, ground up fine in food processor or blender
Salt and pepper to taste
2 tablespoons of poultry seasoning
1/3 cup lo fat feta cheese, crumbled.
Jelled Cranberry
Lo calorie Mayo
100 calorie Rye Sandwich rounds

Chop the peeled apples and celery fine and sauté in 1 tablespoon extra version olive oil until tender.
Combine the sauté above, the feta cheese, and into the ground turkey.
Add the blended Special K
Lay wax paper on the counter and shape into burgers. Lay another sheet of wax paper on top and cut into squares. I put mine into baggies to freeze.

Use only a half teaspoon of Olive Oil and fry the burgers on medium low heat, mine took about 10 minutes.

Combine one tablespoon of lo cal mayo with one teaspoon of cranberry. Whip until blended.

Place the burger on the sandwich round, top with the mayo spread.

On the high side I estimate this burger dish to be around 400 calories including the sandwich rounds.
I served them with garden fresh sliced tomatoes, drizzled with lo-cal dressing

Dinner under 500 calories
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So I guess I am on a turkey thing!!

Sometimes the internet is dangerous but I read that turkey is better for you than chicken.... So this is a lo-cal version of a turkey cutlet, or chicken if you want....

This sounds strange, but try it...

A normal cutlet recipe will have egg, flour and bread crumbs. This version cuts all of this out...

Turkey cutlets, pounded so that they are pretty paper thin....

Using a small maranade brush both sides of the cutlet with lo-cal sour cream. (Daisy is my fav brand) If you want more of a kick you can combine both sour cream and mustard.

Drege the cutlets in seasoned bread crumbs.

The key to this recipe is that you cannot overlap the cutlets at all or the breading will fall off so pick a large pan.

I use a teflon frying pan and just spray it with PAM.... Fry the cutlets just about 3-4 minutes on each side...

That is it... A cutlet recipe that you cannot even tell there is no egg or flour...
The sour cream keeps them moist. You can have 2 good size cutelts with only about 300 calories.

If anyone tries this, let me know!!
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I'm going to try this but I don't ever buy sour cream anymore, I use plain non-fat greek style yogurt. It has worked in every recipe that I would use sour cream in. How many oz are the cutlets usually, are they called cutlets when I look for them? I don't cook with turkey much unless it's the whole bird or leftovers from the bird.
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Good idea Kelly on using greek yoguart.... My hubbie has one everyday for lunch so we always have them around.

Yes, they are called cutlets and already sliced pretty thin. I already threw my package out but there was about 10 thinly sliced ones in the package. I used half and the other half I am using tonight for a stir fry!

Aside from lo-cal a pretty lo cost meal.
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