Songs and shows, past and present. Researched through Youtube and other articles. Please post if you know of any other shows.

Centre Stage: a classic tribute to the best of Broadway.
  • Cole Porter
  • Guys and Dolls
  • Les Miserables
  • West Side Story
Disconnected: Set in an inner-city cafe, DisConnected is a thought-provoking production show that uses music and dialogue to explore the complexities of social media and technology in today's world.

Evolution::combines dancing and techno-visuals to follow the story of two tribes, the Fabricators and the Humanoids.
Michael Jackson
Lady Gaga
Elton John
Paloma Faith

Let's Misbehave: Let's Misbehave is a fun and cheeky frollick back to the era of swing bands, flappers, gangsters, burlesque and sirens. Let us transport you to a sultry 1930's nightclub where the music is hot, the girls are sassy and the drinks are flowing. .

Life as We Know It: A modern music performance piece, Life as We Know It reflects on the various aspects of life including love, loss, fear and joy.

Love Riot: Love, Lust and Hand Grenades.

Money Makes The World Go Round: a 1920’s cabaret world on stage.
  • Cabaret
  • Chicago
  • Flora the Red Menace

Off the Charts: A concert-style production offering a roller coaster ride through some of the musical smash hits of the naughties.
  • Adele
  • Amy Winehouse
  • Bruno Mars
  • Taylor Swift
Rock- Anthem of the Ages: Rock concert at sea.

Seven: Seven, based on the Seven Deadly Sins, is a wonderful visual feast, twisting and turning through scenes of fantasy as we indulge the audience in these well known vices

Sideshow Alley: a theatrically entertaining look at the characters behind the scenes of a travelling sideshow.

Slumber: Our beds can be a place of rest, of nurturing and revitalising. They can also be a place of struggle and torment. A place to dream, to love, to play, to escape to.

Twice Upon a Time: A lyrical dance piece that takes a dramatic journey through a post-apocalyptic world to a time of re-generation and splendour.

Velvet Rope: A mix of song, dance and drama, The Velvet Rope is set in a nightclub of the 1930s..
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12/17/03 Carnival Spirit
10/10/04 Carnival Inspiration
09/25/05 Carnival Victory
09/24/06 Carnival Valor
10/20/07 Carnival Triumph
12/12/08 Norwegian Jewel
12/13/09 Carnival Glory
12/13/10 Carnival Miracle
01/07/12 Carnival Liberty
01/06/13 Carnival Glory
11/16/13 Carnival Freedom
01/12/14 Carnival Miracle
10/25/14 Carnival Breeze
11/07/15 Carnival Breeze
10/29/17 Carnival Vista