12-6-07 Thursday Weigh-In

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Lose Before You Cruise
A place for cruisers to share their stories of how to lose weight before a cruise. Virtual snacks allowed, but only in small quantities.
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It's December six
Do you hear the clock tick

It's twenty days away
Do you see the sleigh

Christmas is near
So is the New Year

Are you eating clean
So you won't be broad in the beam

Sugar thru the lips
Lands on the hips

Wonderful to get thru December
Without any extra pounds to remember

So Deck the Halls with Holly
Just don't eat in a folly

Merry Christmas
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Well, I'm back after almost a month I think. Down .4 lb to 198.6 so that is a good thing.

Really cute verse, Belle. I don't know how you keep coming up with them!

I spent most of Nov in Nova Scotia. My Mom passed away on the 15th. I stayed to help my Dad with some stuff and came home on Sat Dec 1. I think I was down more while I was there, but I was definitely not eating enough.

Now I just have to get this place cleaned up and ready for Christmas and pack for our trip to Kenya on the 27th.

Treasure your Moms while you still have them. Ask her all those questions you've been planning to ask before its too late. Who is in that old picture with her and where she got the pretty pink dishes. So many things I had planned to ask her someday and now the information is gone forever. So call her today just to say hello for me because I can't......

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Mo - my condolences on your loss. Even though it can be a blessing to know that they are now at peace it is never easy. The 20th of December will be the anniversary of my mom's passing ... I now have to get by that date before I can enjoy the Christmas season. Although, my mom's final Christmas gift to all her kids was to leave after almost 20 years of Alzheimers ... terrible for her, horrible for her kids. All her siblings ended up with it, some by the time they were in their early 50's .... gotta love genetics!

I am down 1/2# this week ... I'm really surprised as DH & I went to the coast over the weekend and had wonderful food and wine. It was a nice break (although we just got 1 1/2 feet of snow ... hate the white stuff!).

I have now lost a total of 48 1/2# which is about 23.5% of my body weight. I have 8# to go to get to my goal. (although the goal might end up changing .. we will see).

Thanks for the wonderful poem Belle. To all have a wonderful day. Jan
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Mo ~ I'm so sorry to hear about your Dear Mother's passing. {{{HUGS}}}

Jan ~ You've done a great job losing...the percentage you've lost is fantastic! Keep it up!

Belle ~ I believe that is my favorite poem that you've written. I agree with Mo, how do you come up with them? I guess you're just a natural.

I lost one pound this week. I started back exercising with a vengeance and that really makes a different. Every muscle in my body is sore! LOL

Good luck to all of my Loser friends!
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Originally posted by Belle
It's December six
Do you hear the clock tick

It's twenty days away
Do you see the sleigh

Christmas is near
So is the New Year

Are you eating clean
So you won't be broad in the beam

Sugar thru the lips
Lands on the hips

Wonderful to get thru December
Without any extra pounds to remember

So Deck the Halls with Holly
Just don't eat in a folly

Merry Christmas
Belle - You been looking after me?

Nice verse, really hits home.

Been in the blahs lately and though my clothes seem to appear to be fitting the same the scale is NOT saying the same. Darn!

Up a few pounds. The number was 318 this morning.
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Have a Great Day


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Good Morning all,

I'm not weighing in today. My pants are fitting better though. I'm still 3 lbs. down from the 7 I gained on my cruise.

Belle, loved this poem.

Mo-condolences on your loss.

Jan, it's so great each week to know your progress.

Daniel, I was feeling dumpy this week too. Keep your chin up.

Sheila, glad you lost.

Have a good week........
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Mo - I'm very sorry for your loss.

No weight report this week. I didn't weigh in at WW, but I will by next Thurs. Still on program though. Hopefully I'll make the gym tomorrow if it doesn't snow.

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Good afternoon losers.

Mo -- so very sorry for your loss. I hope that happy memories of your mom will replace the sad ones soon.

I stayed the same. No big surprise there.

Belle -- I loved the poem. I'm with everyone else. How do you keep coming up with those?