Wine boxes on Celebrity

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Hi everyone, I will be sailing no the celebrity Eclipes from Southampton for the first time, I know you are only allowed two bottles of wine per state room I was wondering if any one has taken on wine box instead and if so what size of box did they allow
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We always take a 3 liter box without a problem. We pack the box, but some people leave the box out. We have never tried to carry it on.
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The subject of both boxes of wine (usually much larger than a standard 750ML bottle of wine) and large bottles of wine occasionally comes up on these boards. While I've never brought either I do read a lot of reports on these boards and can summarize what I've read.

The official Celebrity Policy is that you can bring on board two bottles of wine per cabin at the initial port of embarkation which can be consumed in your cabin or, for a $25 fee, brought to a dining room our lounge to consume. Some versions of the policy specify the bottles must be 750 ML or smaller and some do not. This appears to be a recent change which has not made it into all appearances of the policy.

Reports have not been consistent. Most cruisers who've reported here on cruise critic report that they've had no issue bringing on board either their box of wine or a large bottle. But there are some reports of large bottles and boxes being confiscated. Depending on the cruise the bottles and boxes confiscated at embarkation are sometimes held and returned at the end of the cruise and sometimes destroyed and not returned. I'm not sure if this inconsitency is due to differing interpretations of the policy by on board staff or just inconsistencies in enforcement of the policy.

The bottom line is that from what I've read the odds are that a box of wine or large bottle will be allowed but this is not certain and if you do bring one on then you have to be aware that it may be confiscated. So if you want to be certain that you're wine will make it on board stick with bottles of 750ML or less. Presumably a box of wine that is 750ML or less would be fine as well but you don't see boxes that small very often.
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Larry [email protected]
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Last September we sailed Eclipse from Southampton and my DW and I carried on a 2 litre box each in our hand luggage, along with a 12 pack of Pespi Max with no problems at all. Heres when I get flamed. We also had a bottle of spirits each in our checked luggage (purely medicinal) with no problem as the cases are scanned by the Port Authority in Southampton not Celebrity and they are looking for more sinister items than the odd bottle of spirits.
The Celebrity security is more vigilant at the ports of call and always ask you to leave any alchohol with them until disembarkation.
Our next cruise is with P & O who have no limit to what you can bring on board at the beginning or through out the cruise - now thats civilised.
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Have taken a box of wine on board. It was a small box, not the gallon size.

Loved it when the wine steward would carry it thru the dining room and set it on our table. Was worth the corkage fee just for that.

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Originally posted by Hawkstar33
So a bottle of spirits packed in your luggage may make it on board?..
Yes it might. But don't be too disappointed if your bag gets diverted to security for you to be called down to open it for inspection and the booze gets confiscated. It's a risk you have to be willing to accept.
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Larry [email protected]
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That would not be the best way to start your trip...Not being wine drinkers, we will stick to the old way of having a cocktail when we feel like it, and paying at the end...Of course there is always the island package stores, or mini markets, on shore days, where you can get your fill before returning to the ship..