Where do P&O Ships Dock in St Petersburg

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Wirral, England
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I know ships can dock a long way out of St Petersburg, but do P&O ships dock in different locations according to size and if so, can that be a problem? We would not be interested in Adonia as there is no Freedom Dining, but any of the others are possibilities.

Any other comments re size of ship for a Baltic cruise would be appreciated as we have never gone further than Copenhagen previously.
North Wales
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When we went to St.Petersburg on Arcadia the dock was a long way out of the centre,but as we were going on tours the coach took us into town on both days. I expect you know you cannot go off on your own in Russia without Visas which are expensive so most people were booking tours so you avoided this. St.Petersburg is very interesting but very busy,enjoy

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Wirral, England
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Joined Apr 2010
Thanks for the reply. If Arcadia docks a long way out, then I presume others will as well, so probably no difference between mid sized ships, or even Britannia.
Dorset, UK
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We have always berthed outside of St P - it used to be an industrial port but in more recent years they opened a new cruise port but as other posters have said this is still a step out of the centre. We once saw a cruise ship berthed in town on the river but it was a small ship - from memory I think it was a Fred Olsen. The Adonia is of a similar size I believe. I doubt any of the other P&O ships could dock there.
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We have done two Baltic cruises, both on Adonia. In 2013 we berthed on the River Neva, which was lovely. In 2013 we berthed in the new cruise port.

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All large ships have to dock outside St. P. They all dock in the same place. Only small ships can go up the River and dock in the centre.

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We were on Adonia when we went to St. Petersburg in September 2014 and we berthed at the new Cruise Terminal which from memory was a good coach ride outside the city. I certainly wouldn't advise anyone to try going into the city on their own - firstly you have to have a visa which is not easy or cheap to get and unless you speak Russian I think it would be difficult. The immigration officials at the terminal - mostly youngish women with lots of brass stars on their shoulders - were the most unsmiling officials I've ever encountered. I smiled and said 'thank you' when the woman handed me my passport back but not a flicker of a smile did I get. Much easier to go on an organised tour whether it be a P&O one or one of the very reputable independent companies who sort out your visa.
Surrey, UK
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I think I read that there are new immigration procedures for 2018. You still don't need a visa if you take an organised tour but it seems that passengers on ships tours will get priority immigration over those on independent tours. Maybe a consideration when choosing you tour plans.
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London, England
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As the local tour operators are very efficient they will organise their trips to take all this into account. We did a two day tour with Alla who were excellent.

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Wirral, England
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Thanks for those other comments as well.

I think I have heard of Alla, so will look into them.