What does "Friend of Princess" mean?

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Originally posted by cdngrl
2 people to alaska for a week for 900? that's what i'm jealous of or did i misunderstand? i cruise for the get-away not the perks, so that's okay by me!
Yes, that is correct, but I don't do inside cabins. The prices are more for balcony and mini suite.
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When an employee books a cruise though the computer, they are put in a room. The employee can call in and get a room change, within the category they booked in.

Originally posted by NevadaHiRoller
Also, on the F&F program, you do not get to pick your cabin either. You book within the category and they put you where they want.
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Some years ago, one of the guys who reported to my hubby at work was dating an employee at Princess. He knew we liked to go on cruises so he offered to get us an employee's discount on a cruise. As we wanted to try Princess, he said hell, yea.

We got a 7-day Mexican Riviera cruise for the three of us, inside cabin, for a total of just under $800, plus taxes, etc. Not $800 per person, $800 for three of us!

The next cruise we got a gold card, so that first cruise did count.

BTW, this guy married gf on the Diamond Princess (so they needed all her discounts for their families and friends, so we couldn't get a discount on our cruise three months later). A couple of years later, she got mad at him for signing up for a second tour of duty in Iraq, and she threw him out. Hubby ran into him last year and the guy had lost contact with his ex, but thinks she no longer works for the cruiseline.
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Originally posted by ARRTrain
I've seen the News Release from Alan Buckelew on Employee Cruise Enhancements.
Yes, I've seen it too. Folks sailing under Friends and Family rates have their cruises accrue toward their Captain's Circle. The only bummer is that you get a blue card and your current CC status doesn't count on that sailing. The perks themselves may be worth booking through a TA. Sometimes F&F have great rates, sometimes, not so much. But, booking a 3rd or 4th person into your cabin makes it all worthwhile... they will sail for a heavily discounted price.
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