El Cid Resort

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We just got back from our first ever cruise (it was wonderful) aboard the Navigator of the Seas. When we got to Cozumel we were really unsure what to do.

We got approached by a person at the shopping village off the pier (not sure which on) trying to sell us an EVERYTHING INCLUDED day pass to El Cid resorts which is right next to the pier. Being the skeptics we are we passed and made out way to Paradise Beach.

Boy were we disappointed. There was nothing really wrong with it but it, we just were not real happy there. After about 30 mins we decided to cut our losses and took a ride back to the pier where we found the woman who approached us.

Apparently they would waive the $35per person (our 6 year old son was free) if we sat thru a timeshare presentation. We declined and paid the$70.

Wow, was it worth it.

The place is literally 1 block from the pier. It has a pool, hottub with swim up bar, a gorgeous open air restaurant with GREAT food. All you can drink is included (and they did not skimp on the booze). They also have this wonderful man made tidal pool (even with fish and starfish) where our Son played for hours. They also have some pretty decent snorkeling off the beach. There is a plane wreck about 150 yards out. LOTS of fish too. Hammocks, umbrellas, towels, snorkel gear etc.. are ALL included. We did tip our bartender and waiter at the restaurant of course.

This place made Paradise Beach look like a hole in the wall. I was worried about the water quality so close to the pier but it was crystal clear. And we could see the ship as we relaxed in the hammocks or while eating lunch.

We LOVED this place. After we got back on the boat everyone we told was jealous. If I was was going back anytime soon I'd keep it a secret, but I figured I'd share the joy.

They WILL try to get you to sit thru the hour presentation (if you want it free go for it I guess) but just stand your ground and say no and for $35 per person you get WAY more than $35 worth of entertainment.

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This looks great. We are going in two weeks and were looking for a close beach.I was just wondering if the beach is rocky? Also do they have beach massages available? How was the food quality and price?
Thank you for sharing. Do you have anymore pictures?
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The beach is man made but is sandy. There is a wall between you and the water. To get into the water you have to wade past some rocks but it's not bad (the far right in the photo below)

Yes they ha a hut with massage tables. Not sure if that is included or not however.

Food quality was EXCELLENT. Better than the ships IMHO. The price was included in the day pass. Our "bill" (for purposes of figuring the tip) was about $100 for 3 of us which also included a BUNCH of drinks and 3 desserts. f course it was reduced to $0 since we had the pass (but we tipped on $100)

The only other photos I have don;t really show much of the resort.

I found these online:

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Sigh.........My husband and I miss this place......a favorite of ours when we would spend our 10 day vacations there for years. Great place to scuba, snorkel, watch the ships, and walking to town wasn't that great a distance, either...........Now, we have decided to cruise for a while to check out other ports. Nothing bad to say about El Cid, and we were "regulars" for years before they became a time share.
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I Have Been There Too..it Is Really Nice. We Didnt Have To Pay To Use The Beach Area Because We Had Gotten A Massage There And They Let Us Stay After For Fee. But We Did Have A Few Drinks And Lunch Too
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Originally posted by BON35
This looks great. We are going in two weeks and were looking for a close beach.I was just wondering if the beach is rocky? Also do they have beach massages available? How was the food quality and price?
Thank you for sharing. Do you have anymore pictures?
Looks like bolders to me... If ya want a sandy beach head south.
south florida and the ski slopes of vt.
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we used to snorkel at El cid for "free"... never had to pay anything.. we were also on navigator thanksgiving week.. we rented a jeep for the 5 of us.. stopped at chankanaab park to snorkel (10.00 pp) and then went to paradise beach.. we met up with friends there who had their 2 kids and were loving PB.. we were starving after snorkeling so decided to have lunch which was fantastic.. the food was absolutely delicious and enormous portions.. the cerviche and coconut shrimp were wonderful... we spent some time on the beach there with friends who were getting a massage and then headed back to the ship.. except for no snorkeling at PB everyone I saw seemed to be enjoying the beach and the gorgeous weather
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if i remember right it was like 50 or 60 bucks. it was given by an american gal how now lives and works there. if you want more info email me at [email protected] and i will give you her email. i am not sure if she is still working from the hotel but she does have her own office in cozumel.