Scheduling 2 Excursions Same Day

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augusta georgia usa
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Is it a problem scheduling 2 shore excursions for the same day? I'm considering the BOB excursion and Parasailing booking thru RCI. Please help!
Glenwood, Minnesota
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Hi -

Well, I guess it all depends what times the excursions are, and if the first excursion gets back on time.

We were on a snorkel/sea turtle in Barbados, said it was 5 hours, left at 9 so we assumed back by 2. Well, it was after 3 when we made it back. One lady in our group was ticked cause she had made a hair appointment for 2:30 - it was formal night that night.

But if one is in the AM for a few hours and the other is after lunch, it should be able to work.

You sound like my hubby - he likes to be "on the go"!!! Have fun!
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Those two shouldn't be a problem. You can have a taxi take you over to the parasailing place and do that one on your own. It will probably be cheaper and won't take as long. Do one then the other.

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Hmmm...I HOPE this isn't a problem. On the RCI website it says that you should be ok if you schedule the end of the first and the start of the second an hour apart. We have THREE scheduled for one of our port days!

Chocolatemaniac - was the excursion that you went on that came back late through the cruise line or through an outside provider? I can see an outside provider wanting to make it more "worth people's money" by making the excursion longer...

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In my opinion, one excursion is enough. This gives you some time to relax, have a drink, shop or hit the beach. Besides, just book another cruise back to the same island and do a different one the next time.

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I guess that advice would work if a) you had lots of time and money to cruise and b) if you were going to return to the same place again. Unfortunately for us, neither of those apply. There's so much of the world we want to see that we're not sure that we're going to return to Alaska any time soon (where our cruise is headed) so we want to make the most of it this time!

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