Taxi? Shuttle? Subway? from Logan International to Port?

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West Central Illinois
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Due to a horrible mistake on my sisters part, she now has to fly into Bostons Logan Intl on the day of the cruise. I know the port is only about 3 miles away, so is it best to just take a taxi, or is there a shuttle that would be better? She is scheduled to land at 12:14pm.
Also, her friends are flying in the day before, but are flying into Manchester, NH. How difficult will it be to get to the port from there? Is there some kind of a shuttle or wil car rental be best? Thanks for any help you can give!
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Unless you're traveling without any luggage, a taxi should be the quickest and most convenient way to go. It'll take you through the Ted Williams tunnel and you'll be there before you've had a chance to sit back in your seat and fasten your seat belt.

If you want the cheapest option and can carry all your luggage, take the Silver Line (SL1) bus service from your airport terminal to Silver Line Way, and transfer to the SL2 or SL3 to Marine Industrial Park, getting off right at the Black Falcon Terminal. That will avoid any possible traffic jams, will cost $2 per person, and will take you right to the pier in about the same amount of time as the taxi takes. But you'll have to hoist your bags onto two separate buses, and I think you have to cross the street at Silver Line Way to switch directions from "Inbound" to "Outbound".

I don't know the best way from Manchester to Boston. You could do a one-way rental but those can be expensive. There's probably some sort of shuttle service.

What day is she coming in?
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Definitely a taxi from Logan to the port is the easiest. Maybe you could check the Manchester airport website to see if they have a shuttle to Boston.
They might also have sedan and van services listed.
West Central Illinois
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Thanks for the help. I have had a terrible time figuring out where I posted this question. For some reason I thought I posted it on the east coast departures. With the search down, I couldn't check posts under my username.
As far as Logan to Port, sis will be flying in on a Sunday. I think the taxi sounds like the best bet. Any ideas on the possible cost? Since the airlines have made the luggage restrictions, she definately will be traveling lighter, but don't know if she wants to haul her luggage onto 2 different buses.
As for the trip from Manchester, the others in her party are flying in on Sat. They will just have to decide what is best for the money. I was shocked at how much the rental cars are between the two airports. Most are $100 for the day, and they also have a hotel to contend with. Probably would have ended up being cheaper to just fly into Logan.
Anyway, thanks again.
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Originally posted by clerky96
I think the taxi sounds like the best bet. Any ideas on the possible cost?
According to the wonderful Taxi Fare wizard (, it would be about $25 including tip (put in Logan Airport for the start and Black Falcon Drive for the finish).

As for shuttles from Manchester, check the airport website at for specific information. Looks like they used to have a free shuttle to Boston but as of next month they charge. It's about a one-hour drive; I bet there's a taxi driver in Manchester who will take you all the way for $200 or so.