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Craps has become my game of choice. I have traveled on RCCLl and Carnival. The last 8 years have been on Carnival. Carnival only offers 2x odds, What do the other lines offer? It is silly that the return is better on a place bet than a pass line and max odds.
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NCL offers 3x 4x 5x odds, best of all the cruise lines... that I know of.
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Here is the full scoop on craps on board the ships:

Royal Caribbean - 1X odds
Carnival - 2X odds
Princess - 2X odds
Norwegian - 3X, 4X, 5X odds
Celebrity - 3X, 4X, 5X odds (please check this, I'm not 100% sure)

Minimum bet level:

Carnival - $5
Princess - $5
Royal Caribbean - $5 I found $10 minimum on Anthem of the Seas
Celebrity - $5 I've only been on 1 Celebrity ship in 2010
Norwegian (old) - $5 (Gem, Pearl, Jewel, Star etc.)
Norwegian (New)- $10 (Breakaway & Getaway)

Consistency of table bounce:

Carnival - I've been on about 11 different Carnival ships and the bounce on the craps table was very consistent from ship to ship. They have all been playable.

Princess - The older ships (Crown, Emerald, Caribbean) have been consistent and playable. The newer ships, I've been on the Regal were so bouncy that I consider it to be unplayable.

Royal Caribbean - All the ships I've been on, Explorer, Enchantment, Grandeur and the Anthem have had consistently good bounce characteristics.

Norwegian - The older ships have great bounce characteristics. Two of my best hands ever, 65 throws and 54 throws have been on the Gem out of New York. The newer ships like the Breakaway and the Getaway tend to be bouncier although still playable.

Celebrity - The one and only ship I've been on the Summit had a trampoline like bounce and that got me to swear off of Celebrity. I've never booked another celebrity cruise.


I've never had issues with dice on Norwegian ships whether newer or older.

Royal Caribbean - My last cruise on RC was the Anthem of the Seas. During the 9 night cruise they used 2 different types of dice. One type was great and the other type was crap. We had a 4 throws per hand decrease with the crap dice. The crap dice had birdseye pips (2 concentric circles) versus the normal solid filled in circle pip.
The other RC ships did not have any dice issues.

Carnival & Princess - They are under the same management and the VP of casino operations has all Carnival divisions reporting to him.

I first noted worn dice on the Carnival Splendor 3 years ago. On the Carnival Pride last year for 5 out of the 7 nights I referred to the dice as marbles. There was no sharpness on any corner for these dice. I did not see a brand new set of dice for the whole week on this cruise.

The Emerald Princess in Feb. of this year. This was a 2 week cruise leaving in late Feb. Here is what I found out. They had only 6 new sets of dice to be used at craps for the whole month. Starting on the 1st, they would use new dice. For the next 5 nights they would use a different set of new dice each day. Starting on the 7th they would repeat a previously used set of dice and then repeat this for the whole rest of the month. From the 25th though the 28th I was shooting dice that were on their 5th time on the table. They weren't marbles but the corners were all totally worn.

This dice policy applies across the board for all Carnival ships including Princess, Holland America, Cunard etc.

I've had email exchanges and phone conversations with the VP in charge of casino operations concerning this issue. I even triggered a staff meeting on this issue where they brought in outside consultants who agreed with me that worn dice are not good for the players. Despite all of this he has never given me a clear answer on what their actual policy is concerning changing the dice on their ships.

For me the only answer is to only sail on any Carnival ship during the first 2 weeks of any month.

I have booked the Caribbean Princess for a 14 night cruise departing on Feb. 25th, 2017. I'm anticipating not being able to play craps on this ship on the 25th, 26th, 27th and 28th. On March 1st they will introduce new sets of dice so I'll get to play for the last 10 nights on this cruise.

I've posted on this message board all my trip reports which are heavily biased towards my craps adventures on all of these ships. If you go to search and type in dicenator you should be able to find them.

Good Luck,

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Celebrity Solstice is $ 10 min. On craps.

3, 4 , 5 odds.

New rules in effect.

Both dice must hit wall, and only the back zone rubber area. Or it is a no roll. Ramp hits are also a no roll.

Table now has iron rods bolted to the stick area and go pro cameras on each end to watch the players.

Not much action for craps.

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No craps on MSC ships
Safe sailing

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