Princess Ruby Aft cabin R749 or b757 ? Help me decide

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New Mexico
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Depends on what you mean by ‘better’. If you want privacy from the Terrace pool, or a covered balcony, or no noise from the deck, go with the cabin on Baja. If you want lots of sun and the open sky above, then go with the cabin on Riviera.

Personally I would choose Baja.
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We had B-757 on our Ruby cruise to Hawaii a couple of years ago. I loved it. My wife not so much. I loved the wake views and the sound, my wife found the wake too loud on the balcony. She was also a bit disconcerted about the orientation of the bed being different from our other cruises. (fore and aft vs Port &Starboard). It was the most private balcony we have had. Covered and only one neighbor to the starboard, with the port side having a vent. The hall is also not a busy throughway either.
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I would go with B757; it will be much quieter and much less foot traffic past your door.
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Rick & Vita
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I was in R749 once and loved the convenience of the location. Out the cabin door, immediately turn left and go out the door to the short set of stairs leading to the Terrace Pool area, and from there, another short set of stairs up to the Lido deck, where the Terrace Bar is, as well as the entrance to the Horizon Court.
The aft facing views looking out of the portholes, as well as having natural light in the cabin during the day, was nice too.
It's pretty quiet back there despite the foot traffic of passengers using the door to the pool area. Initially, I could hear the sound of the door to the outside closing, but I went to the Passenger Services desk and reported it, and within a couple of hours, maintenance crew had adjusted the door closer, and the issue was eliminated.
I liked the location so much that I would not hesitate to book that cabin again.
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