19 Days with 2 Movies?

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Marysville, WA
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Got email today about entertainment on upcoming cruise. Listed 2 movies. Will they each be shown several times on the cruise?

Also wondering how they decide which NFL games to show.

Any info will be greatly appreciated.
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There are always a number of movies shown every cruise at MUTS and shown again on TV. If booked for more than 1 segment (B2B’s), they could be shown again.

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Greenville, SC, USA
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Football coverage may depend on the area cruised. I think I saw something a while back that Seattle and SF games would be shown on west coast/Alaska cruises.
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phila, pa
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Originally posted by mysusie45
Also wondering how they decide which NFL games to show. .

Like posted depends where you are cruising to.

But cruises from the states will show the national game that is on the networks.
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Canyon Country, California
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From Ft. Lauderdale to Los Angeles on the Island we had very few late night movies on the big screen. That cruise it was all sports. I believe they had more movies the early showing but the timing didn't work for us due to dinner.