Week of March 28: Me Time

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Ewing, NJ
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Joined Jun 2011
When you cruise there are so many activities, shows, restaurants, and more to keep you entertained. With that thought in mind, is there something you do on a cruise or vacation that is just for you? "Me Time" if you will.

An example, and my "me time". I cruise with my family/kids so cruising is more active than relaxing generally. On every single cruise I will carve out an hour or so of me time. The little can go off to the club or do something with dad. The teen is self sufficient so she can be with her new cruise friends or in her club. My routine has been one or the other dependent on what type of room we have. If we have a balcony room I will lay out on a lounger on the balcony and close my eyes and just let my senses take it all in - the sea, the breeze, the sun. It is really quieting for the mind and a good recharge. Most spas have some sort of "room" - on Disney it is the Rainforest Room. They have these heated tile loungers -- I will spend the $15 or whatever the daypass cost is now and spend an hour on the lounger. The heat from the lounger and the sun pouring in has the same quieting effect that the balcony session mentioned above has. I will do one if not both of these things at least once on every cruise to recharge and have my me time

How about you?

Post your response as a reply for a chance to win this week's prizes. A few winners will be selected randomly from all who participate. While all are welcome to participate, At this time we can only ship within the US. Thanks for understanding
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New York
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Joined Jul 2004
If we are sailing to a warm climate and we have a balcony, I like to sit and relax by just looking out at the waves for an hour or so. It is so peaceful and relaxing to just be sitting and enjoying the "scenery" away from all the hustle and bustle of everyone trying to cramp in as many activities as they can. Or, I try to find a quiet spot on an open deck and just relax in a deck chair. Sea days are great for just hanging out and relaxing.

Port Wentworth, GA
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Joined Mar 2014
"Me time" is usually Day At Sea days taking a walk on the walk/jog deck with my music playing, watching the waves go by. It is so refreshing to get out, feel like you are getting some exercise and just relax and enjoy the beauty of the ocean.
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New York
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For Me time is Walking around the ship early in the morning and then getting a coffee waiting for my bride to get up or going to the Cigar bar and having a cigar and glass of Cognac.
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Long Island,NY
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My time is listening to enjoyable music ,partaking in trivia and endeavoring to take in everything the ship has to offer.
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Northern NJ, United States
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My "me time" begins even before we board with my prepping for it. I download a couple titles from my favorite authors and a couple CDs worth of music onto my Kindle apps on my phone and tablet(even better is when brand new music and books are released just before I sail!). While on board, I scout out the areas that are going to be comfy(or on our balcony in the room if we've booked one), grab some snacks and a drink and read and listen to music. My other "me time" activity is booking wine, beer or spirits tastings during the cruise, since my family members I travel with aren't interested in them.
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Detroit MI
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The best "Me" time is taking an hour or so and spending it in the Persian Gardens. The Persian Gardens on the Reflection was wonderful and so relaxing.
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My favorite "me time" is getting up early to watch the sunrise and depending on the itinerary, seeing other islands as we pass with a cup of coffee. I normally like to sleep in a little, but do enjoy getting up early on cruises so I usually have the alarm clock set for 5:30AM since sunrise has generally been around 6AM. If our balcony is on the sunrise side, then I usually go up to Lido for the coffee and bring it back down to our cabin to watch from the balcony. If not, I take my camera and stop on Lido for coffee then head up to the outside decks for the views. My favorites are the southern itinerary out of San Juan because we pass other islands we don't stop at, but love seeing them as we sail past (ex: Montserrat, Redonda, and Nevis on our way into St. Kitts...what a beautiful sight) and also sailing into the islands we'll be visiting, most are very scenic and mountainous. I usually to this while having a cup of coffee from the Lido Deck, and I always have my camera to get pictures. Although there are others out, it's usually very quiet. If we're on the western itinerary, I still like to get up and head to the outer decks as we sail into the ports.
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I am usually the only one in our group that goes to the CC Meet and Mingle so that is "my me" time. The rest of the cruise "my me" time is on the balcony taking in the sun and sea.
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Joined Nov 2009
My me time on each cruise is a nice relaxing couples massage! My hubby and I both love the relaxing massage, and following our massage, we retreat for cocktails on our balcony!! Makes for a very relaxing day! That's our day to unwind, not rush to get to scheduled excursion or meeting.
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An hour or so on our balcony, with a hot coffee (outside of vacations I never seem to be able to get to drink a coffee while it's still hot), a good book, and the view. Sigh. Heaven.
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Joined Feb 2017
Me time.....well in my case I get lots of that, no hubby, no kids, so my cruise coming up in August will be lots of "fun me time"!!! It's been a while since I have had an extended vacation so I'm definitely looking forward to this cruise! Also to meeting new people and making new friends, almost at 25 for our CC M&M Party and this will be my first of those so definitely looking forward to that!

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DeKalb, IL
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"Me time" is an hour or so, maybe a couple of times, sitting and having a delicious coffee at the Cafe al Bacio on Celebrity, and.........people watch. Try and figure out where they are from, who they are with, what are they looking forward to......and most importantly, to see all the smiles.

Keeping the sails set high,

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Granbury, Texas
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Joined Jan 2017
My "me time" would have to be sunrise or sunset on the balcony with a glass of bubbly
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If life is a dream... don't wake me up!
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Me time is getting up early, throwing on some shorts and a ball cap, getting a cup of coffee and heading up top to watch the world go by. It's great early in the morning as there are only a few of us up and around. This will be our 5th cruise and we ARE going to watch the sunrise some morning!!!!!