Tunis with child

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We will be visiting Tunis with our 3 year old child. Any recommendations for activities here with our daughter. We don't mind visiting something like the market for a short period of time as well.
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Is your question more along the lines of what a 3-year-old would enjoy doing in Tunis, or what you can reasonably do with a 3-year-old?

I've mainly done the archaelogical sites (Byrsa Hill, the site of ancient Carthage; the Antonine Baths that are right on the edge of the water) and the museums. I'm not sure those are of interest to her.....! Although the Antonine Baths ruins, might be fun to just explore/run around...as I said they are right on the water. You can google photos.

The souk is usually pretty crowded. If you go there, be sure your daughter knows not to dart off as it may be difficult to keep eyes on her.

Sidi Bou Said is a pretty little suburb (whitewashed houses, lots of shops) to wander and less crowded -- except when the ship tour buses roll through for an hour or two....
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Hi cruise mom,

an answer to your question is both. It's our first cruise and our daughter still naps for 1.5hr each day. She is able to skip a nap occasionally but usually suffers the next day.

That being said I'm trying to have things planned out that if she is up and ready do something that interests us then we can. If there is a day where she is tired or just not feeling it that day than we also have a plan.

It will probably be a decision the day of on each port and obviously we always have the option of going back on the boat, but we do a cruise anywhere if we just wanted to stay on the boat.
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We did Sidi Bou Said and Cartage with the kids, but they did not enjoy it. Their main complaints were that it was too hot for them and and that we were approached all the time by aggressive vendors. On the next cruise that stopped in Tunis they did not want to leave the ship and stayed in the kids club while we quickly went into Tunis to look at souk.
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I wouldn't recommend Tunis for a little one. Hot, dusty and aggressive vendors and nothing of interest. Others may be able to suggest something but I can't think of anything. The North African ports are not really for little ones and are totally unlike the ports across the other side of the Med where there are many more facilities. Perhaps have a quiet day here.
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we did Sidi Bou Said and Carthage with our DD who is 4. We had our own guide who also has a 4 year old and we had a great day! His name was Jamal (you can find him on tours by locals).

While the souk might be interesting, we went in Istanbul to the Grand Bazarre and the 4 year old didn`t really understand the whole bargaining thing and was a major distraction. :P
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If you go out to the souk or public areas, I suggest that you do not go alone with your small child. I lived in the Middle East for five years and know what I am talking about.
Go with a tour group and keep your child very close to you at all times.