Goodie bag ideas......

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Howdy everyone!

I am looking for ideas for a goodie bag items for my 3 "kids" 20-22. We are going on HOTS in July.
I just want to make them a little something celebratory. So far I have Boca clips, magnetic clips, highlighter, wrapped candies.

Thanks for the help!
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Small magnetic white board for the outside of the stateroom doors.
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Originally posted by clarea
Small magnetic white board for the outside of the stateroom doors.
ohh excellent!

I can see it now -" MOM do not bother me!"

Added to amazon list !thank you!
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Bubbles, chapstick, suntan lotion, gum.
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Clorox sanitizing wipes to clean everything in the room....especially the remote!
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Next up:

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A 'id rather be on a cruise' pen

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Originally posted by Eleteace
A 'id rather be on a cruise' pen

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Originally posted by tropiclvrs
Fun vacation themed magnetic decals to stick on the outside of their doors

YAY.... Keep them coming and thank you!

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When sharing a cabin with others we each bring a "bag" of sorts, usually cloth with a closure, to keep our valuables in for the safe. That way none of us need to search through everything in order to find what we are looking for. We just pull out our own "bag." And get what we need. We call the bags our "safe sacks."
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Since you'll be on Harmony, what about a toy harmonica from a dollar bin? Nothing of use, but would make for funny pics with them all.
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Lanyard for sea pass card
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For the kids 'of age', hangover cure and sunscreen that is higher than SPF5
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I see someone mentioned lanyards which is one of my FAVORITE things to put in goodie bags..I also like hand sanitizer with clips for guys and mini bottles for the girls, small bathroom deodorizer spray or clips, mini flashlight and the biggie...a small 2-3 outlet plug ....I am excited for you
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Given I haven't been on Harmony, just Allure and Oasis....

Starbucks gift cards.
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Magnetic hooks (to hang lanyard and other such things on). I brought some on my first cruise a couple of weeks ago - we always new where our seapasses were.

Also - passport cases/covers/wallets if they don't have them.
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A small battery-operated candle or tealights for the stateroom. Or a nightlight. Nice for safety at night and adds a bit of atmosphere. A box of mints, like Tic Tacs (available in a 24 pack on Amazon).
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At that age I would say food, coupons for alcoholic drinks if they are paying for themselves, cash for the ports, tervis, sunglasses or snorkeling gear. Girls are a bit easier...the dry erase boards are a great idea. I like an air freshener for my room. Lotion, slippers/socks, lip gloss lol. Good luck! I love the idea of goodie bags. I'm sure they will love whatever you come up with.
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