NY Baggage Storage for Late Flight?

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We are going on the Dawn on 12/09/04 and would like to tour NY after the ship returns since we have a late flight out of JFK. However, I am not sure what to do with our luggage. I have called the NYPST along with hotels and since 9/11 it seems as if nobody wants to store or watch luggage. Any ideas?
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How late is your flite,and from what airport are you leaving from.Whta time do you disembark ship when you arrive?
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You won't get off the ship till 12.You have to be at Kennedy by 6:30 for a 8:30 flite.That means you have to leave Manhattan by 5;00 pm the latest,to get to JFK.Its the middle of the rush hour.My suggestion.Take the ships post one day and leave the next day.It takes approx. 1 to 1 and a half hours to drive to JFK from the city.
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Unfortunately, NCL is not offering a post tour for the 12/09/2004 sailing on the Dawn. I was sooooooo disappointed when I found out that the Manhattan experience would not be offered through NCL. This has left us scrambling last minute to try and find luggage arrangements so we can tour NY. I wish I could fly out the next day but we already have our airline tickets that are non-refundable. Is there any tour companies in NY that you could recommend that do post cruise tours? Thanks for your great suggestions!!!
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If you booked your own air,try calling your carrier and ask how much they woud charge you to change your flite for the next day.No refund tickets can ussally be changed for a fee.As far as tour company I cant help you,But try a hotel chain like Marrieott or Hilton and see if they offer a day rate then you could book a tour thru the hotel,and have them transport you to the Airport.
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Try the chamber of commerce or grey line tours. They probably have space for your stuff.
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