3 adults in one room?

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I think it would be fine and not much of a problem, but some ships have "family staterooms" these have extra room and are geared for more then two travelers, they are usually more expensive than regular inside cabins but still pretty cheap to were it would be worth upgrading. If you can't get one of those just go for a balcony with a pullout couch. Some ships have promos were the third person sales 50%off and sometimes even for free.... sounds like you could save a lot of money and have a really fun time by all sharing a room.
Benbrook, Tx
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Gym showers are great. I have used them and they seem to have a lot more room. If you are close to the gym it can work out great.
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If you can afford a Balcony, go for it as it is somewhere for solitude when everyone wants to get dressed for dinner and you have finished first. The cost when divided three ways is not usually that expensive per head as "third person" rate is comparatively cheap often base rate.

The tricky bit in my opinion is using the actual toilet when you are all in a mass "get showered ready for dinner situation". Under these circumstances you need to know the location of nearest public facility.

In my opinion this is the only time you can feel a bit crammed in as a family group.

Regards John
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It partly depends on the ship and the room. I have twice shared an INSIDE on the Holland America S-class Statendam (no longer with the fleet, but three sister ships are) with my husband and one of our mothers. This is their older save one class of ships, but oddly the insides were bigger on the older ships! It was doable but in fact other than my husband catching naps whenever he could, we did not spend much time in the room.

After that, I/husband/my mom cruised 14-days around Cape Horn on the HAL Zaandam (next oldest to the S-class). We had booked an oceanview but took an upsell (paid upgrade) to a balcony. The third (in all three cases) was a twin sofa-bed occupied by the mum. The room steward(s) will make it up each evening and turn it back to a sofa for the day (unless you tell them to leave as bed as was necessary for my seasick MIL!). The balcony room for the NON sleeping arrangement was much better for three people, more room to move around, three "banks" of drawers (one each), and an endtable or nightstand each. We had a pre-dinner drink around the little free-standing table many evenings.

Considering that you are family and seemingly get along, I would recommend a cruise!

PS, what cruise and which lines are you thinking of? you might get specific recommendations...
Orono, Maine
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We have done this many times. You do not have a ton of extra room, but you do not need it. Just remember it will take a bit longer to get dressed and all made up. Much less expensive on most lines to do this than pay the single cruiser rate for a second room.
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I have done this with no problems. Even done 4 mid 20s women for a bachelorette cruise. I think that for active/easily mobile normal weight people it is not an issue. If someone is obese or has mobility issues such as cannot quickly sidestep others or scramble over the bed if someone is blocking their way or scramble up into a bunk then a lot more patience would be required.
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Originally posted by mackjack9139
I have done this with no problems. Even done 4 mid 20s women for a bachelorette cruise. I think that for active/easily mobile normal weight people it is not an issue. If someone is obese or has mobility issues such as cannot quickly sidestep others or scramble over the bed if someone is blocking their way or scramble up into a bunk then a lot more patience would be required.
I've never been in a cabin so small that one fat person would fill it - or even fill the gap between beds. Anyway, there's no necessity for two or three people to move about at once - just stagger dressing times.
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I've not only done it in the past, but plan to do it again in December. We usually have two to a cabin, but if the occasion arises where there are five of us traveling, we've done it and it wasn't a problem. It's going to be the same as you....me and my two daughters. We actually have a lot of fun with it. We treat it like we are having a slumber party....for adults. Late at night, we order some snacks from room service, grab a bottle of wine and sit on the balcony giggling. I get up earlier than they do so I slip out and go down and have coffee before they wake. I have a bag by the door and I go to the gym to wash up and get my make-up on (not to use the gym...lol). We usually sleep in gym shorts and a t-shirt, which makes it easy to go out of the cabin to the gym or to grab coffee. We're pretty organized so that helps, and we coordinate our packing list. One of us brings the hair dryer, one brings the flat iron. First one goes to shower for the evening and the other two get their things organized ready to go shower and to get the things laid out for the one that's in the shower to come out and dry her hair and do her make-up. #2 showers and by the time she is finished showering,#1 has finished using the hair dryer and mirror (dresser) #3 is on the balcony while #1 dresses. #1 gets the balcony alone while #2 and #3 continue the rotation. We decide each night who is #1, #2, #3. We each carry one of the cardboard folded boxes (from the dollar store). Lays completely flat in the bottom of the suitcase. We put our make-up, hair brushes and various items needed to get ready. It sits under the sink in the bathroom, so we have it in there to shower, then we grab it and put it on the dresser while getting ready so that everything we need is with us instead of needing something in the bathroom while someone is trying to shower. We do the same thing when there's just two of us sharing a room, but it is TWICE as valuable when there are 3 of us. When we go in June, there will be two of us to a cabin (total of 4 of us), and we have adjoining cabins. We always keep the doors open so we're used to being together to get ready. Works out perfectly. We aren't worried about it at all. Enjoy being together.
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We do it all the time. We book a balcony cabin looking for those that have a pull out couch and not a pull down. Depending on the cruise ship you might have to go up to a junior suite, but the third person is reduced. If you or your sister are young and don't mind climbing up the pull down isn't bad, just that we are all over 60 so we prefer the couch. Sometimes they keep the couch made up during the day, if you prefer it to go back to couch mode say so to your steward, same goes if you choose the pull down bunk option. Yes, the bathrooms are small but they are small whether it is one in the room or 4. Don't book 2 inside rooms paying a higher single price, book a better room instead. The difference split 3 ways isn't all that much.
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We prefer the pull-down beds, but that's just personal preference. The pull-out sofa isn't the same as the ones in a hotel. They sort of pull out sideways and aren't as roomy and I felt like I was on the floor sleeping the one time I used it. With the pull down, we also ask that they leave it pulled down during the day. That way, if we decide to come to the room for a nap or to watch a movie, it's just easier if we each have a place to stretch out...but again, just personal preference. I think you'll be fine.
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I am not sure what cruise line you are going on but I would say yes it will be ok if you are going on Carnival. Carnival's rooms are typically larger. Do an Oceanview room if you can on the main deck of one of the Conquest class ships. These rooms are 220 square feet. Someone mentioned that you should do a balcony but I think the Oceanview is better in your case. Two reasons: 1. This will be cheaper. 2. Regular balconies are 185 square feet of "living area" and 35 square feet of balcony. Having the oceanview you will get 220 square feet of "living area".

Go for it and have fun.
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