In-cabin TV tech question

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Are the HDMI ports on the cabin TVs usable?

We are sailing on Getaway in October. (BA) Balcony cabin.

I've read in a 'Cruising Technology' thread that the TV remote is usually a simplified unit that does not have buttons to change inputs, etc.. And that the TVs are sometimes mounted too close to the wall, blocking access to the HDMI ports.

So I was hoping to see if I could get any more specific answers from those cruisers experienced with NCL's equipment.

Is the TV itself 'Dumbed down'?
--If I had a way of selecting sources (universal remote), would that allow access?.

Are the HDMI ports physically accessible?
--Would angled or 'flex head' design HDMI cables help?
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I was able to switch the input on the TV in my cabin on the Pearl last year through the remote. There was a function assigned to the input that allowed streaming from my Samsung tablet to the TV (also Samsung). I did not try to attach anything to any of the ports on the TV though, not even sure I could have gotten to any of them, since movement was limited on the mount.
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It depends on the ship and brand of HDTV being used, some can while others won't as those are firmware locked down.

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When I was on the Breakaway in 2016 I wasn't able to change the TV input. If I recall correctly there wasn't an option for that on the remote, the controls on the actual TV wouldn't change it either. My phone had a universal remote function but it wouldn't work to change the input. I intended up just unplugging the HDMI cord from the back of the TV and hooking up laptop to the TV with my own HDMI when I wanted to watch something from that.