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Sailing on the Pearl to Alaska in about 3 weeks. I have the 250 internet freebie but thinking of upgrading to Premium streaming. I read here once that you can do that an get a credit to the extent of the retail value of the 250 minute plan. Can anyone confirm this is true?

Also thinking of purchasing a travel router/wifi bridge to be able to use more than one device in our room. Has anyone tried this and an confirm it will work? Any recommendations about which router to buy?

Finally, does the premium streaming package really let you watch Netflix, for example? Is it fast enough? That is the main reason to upgrade - - we want to be able to watch shows in our room at night and also post pictures and videos on social media.

Thanks for any advice or comments (except the inevitable comment about why go on a cruise if I cant put my phone down for 5 minutes.)
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The Free At Sea WiFi perk (250 minutes) can be upgraded across the fleet to basic wifi or premium wifi. The Free at Sea Perk (250 Min) is valued at $125 (which is the actual package price if you paid for it in cash).

Upgrade to premium wifi for $120
Upgrade to basic wifi upgrade for $90

When I was on the Breakaway this past spring, I had no problems checking email, streaming youtube/netflix videos, or music. It buffered sometimes, but I've had worse service using some hotel wifi across the country (in big cities).
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Keep in mind you can download Netflix movies/tv programs to your iPad/laptop/phone if you so choose before your cruise so you don't have to stream but not everything is available to download!
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It's "doable" and possible if you upgrade/purchase the premium streaming plan, in theory, and, provided that your dedicated WiFi bridge/router can rebroadcast its SSiD effectively.

Good luck ... getting functional streaming speed pulled over a dynamically shared satellite bandwidth, with its typical high latency, in duplex mode - thus, 3 to 5 Mbps speed (tested results) would split into 2 or more nodes. I saw faster upload speed but depending on ship's server(s) & hardware configuration, etc. - cached at no faster than 1 or 2 Mbps. Ideally, you want a 3 to 5 Mbps stable & constant connection for SD/480p stream, 5 to 8 Mbps for 720p & higher. If you plan to try to do this anyway, I highly recommend checking on your hardware & "exploit" the less congested 5 Ghz band ... "n" or "ac" - not for its speed.

Download & carry some of the downloaded media content on 2 or 3 USB sticks or portable SSD drive, depending on its source ... as always YMMV.
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You would have to be able to “log on” with your router, following interactive prompts. It is not just a single passcode.

It is easier just to share the account with multiple devices.
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Glad to know the answer to the op’s question as well just booked Getaway last night and due to MIL health we need to have our phones available to receive iMessage, email, and fb messenger. Another question...has anyone used their phone as a mobile hotspot so a second device could be used?

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Originally posted by TNcrzr4life
Glad to know the answer to the op’s question as well just booked Getaway last night and due to MIL health we need to have our phones available to receive iMessage, email, and fb messenger. Another question...has anyone used their phone as a mobile hotspot so a second device could be used?

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If you only need it for those tasks, you don't need the premium wifi. The basic wifi will work fine. If you can get away without email, then the social media option is all you will need.
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Several things to keep in mind.
A mobile router will only work when you are near it so if it is in your cabin, the rest of the day you are on the ships wifi.
A phone hotspot uses it's cellular data for the hotspot it doesn't act as a wifi router. This could get VERY expensive.
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Thanks for advice. I think I will skip travel router and switch back and forth between device if I need to. I was hoping to download pictures from wifi camera but I need camera and phone or laptop to be on wifi at the same time. Ah well.

I will still get the premium for watching movies on netflix. I am not a party girl so I would prefer night times to chill in the room and binge watch a show.

One last question though, is there any way to stream or even use a cord (HDMI) of some sort to watch movies playing on iPad or chromebook or phone to the TV in the room so my cabinmate and I can watch at the same time? That could make the difference on whether I bring a tablet or lap top or chrome book.