we are 2 people wanting to take a cruise out of Whittier into the Prince William Sound(PWS) on 18th September 2004. We were booked on the Phillip's 26 glaciers tour but they cancelled us coz of engine trouble. The other big ship operators like Major Marine and Prince Willaim Sound Cruises and Tours are also not operating at that time. So the only option left is an independant cruise operator on a smaller boat accomodating 4-8 passengers. However, these operators have a 3-4 passenger minimum. Is there someone else interested in taking a 4-5 hour cruise out of Whittier into PWS on that day with us ?

Also, has anyone had any experiences with any of these operators?

Or does anyone has any other suggestions for a single day cruise into PWS?

Please reply back soon as time is really short. My email is [email protected]

Thanks !