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Hi All!

We are first time cruisers going on the Pacific Explorer in May 2018 to New Caledonia.

We have been placed in cabins 5018 and 5020 on Deck 5. One is a quad share, the other a twin share, both Oceanview in class OG.

Can anyone give me an idea what these cabins are like in terms of being a good location on the ship with regard to ship movement being felt the most?

Taree, NSW, Australia
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Strange you've had no replies since you posted this in September. We haven't been on Explorer but the principles are the same regardless of the ship. Being lower in the ship, as you are, is an advantage if the ship is rolling side-to-side. The higher you go, the greater the movement. However, you are very near the front, so you will likely be quite aware of the up and down movement as the ship cuts through waves.

On the upside, in that location and height, you may well be able to go to sleep with the soothing sound of the bow cutting back into the water after going over a wave. Personally, I found it very relaxing.

As a side tip, as first-time cruisers, if seasickness becomes an issue, don't see your cabin as the go-to location to get better. It's the worst place to be, especially if it's in a part of the ship that moves a lot. The enclosed space does nothing good for overcoming the feeling of being sick. The best thing to do is head for the centre of the ship (the pivot point) where movement is the least. Preferably, go up onto an open deck with fresh air. From that location, just don't watch the ends of the ship going up and down! :-)
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