New Cunard Ship coming in 2022

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S.W. England
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Sadly, it does not look too elegant, from the impression; especially looking at the forward lines.
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Looks a bit like the new Holland America design.
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Don't get to excited! Look at the current P&O Arcadia, ordered in 2000 for Holland America, then it was going to be Cunard QV and ended up as P&O Arcadia! Anything can happen in 5 years, and the UK could be in a post Brexit depression around then.
Vale of Glamorgan
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Interesting, thanks for posting.
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Originally posted by cruiser1955
Looks a bit like the new Holland America design.

That's not a good sign. No real promenade deck on that ship.

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Originally posted by cruiser1955
Looks a bit like the new Holland America design.
That was my first impression, but then I took a closer look at the Queen Victoria and was not sure I saw a significant difference between that and this new ship. Now that I look again, I see what you're talking about. It surely does look like a larger version of the Nieuw Statendam.

Originally posted by karl_nj
That's not a good sign. No real promenade deck on that ship.
Positive or negative is subjective, and as we've seen with Holland America's switch from R/S/V classes through to Signature/Pinnacle classes, there will be many people who liked the way things were and therefore will likely not like the changes while at the same time there will be many people who will sail the line for the first time either pleased with what's offered by the changes or perhaps even pleased because of the changes.

What seems undeniable now is that what a lot of us have been saying for many years about these "ship-as-destination" changes - that such changes are probably limited to the economy grade and mid-grade lines as a reflection of the proclivities of the mass market choosing those options - was incorrect. This seems to be a clear indication that those with their pulse on the market for luxury (albeit not necessarily super-luxury) cruises are seeing the same signs as those with their pulse on the economy and mid-grade: A very strong shift towards ship-as-destination, and therefore a moderate de-emphasizing of sea-as-destination and a moderate de-emphasizing of ports-of-call.

I don't think we'll see a Cunard ship with a water park on the top deck or an IMAX theater on board - but I was wrong about whether Cunard would ever turn toward ship-as-destination at all, as well, so who knows?
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Am I correct in assuming the new ship will have no obstructing balcony staterooms?
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Considering the rather conservative and unimaginative Carnival Corp PR Department views it'll be another Queen name, dependent on who is the head of state around 2020-21. Queen Catherine maybe yes (If Wills happen to be King by that time), Queen Camilla definite no. so it'll be probably be Queen Anne etc.

Personally I would like to see the name Mauretania or Aquitania return again. Mauretania might not be so marketable as younger generation might associate it more with a third world African country instead of previous famous Cunard liner. (Years ago a friend once told me: "We dine in a restaurant named after a country where there is hardly any proper food at all")

Looking at the design I wouldn't be surprised if they will use the MSC Yacht Club, NCL Haven Concept by putting the Grill Class on top with restaurants, lounges, private deck etc. However I also see some built up behind the funnel, so it might be there as well.
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Originally posted by davyjones
Too many passengers for my liking.

It's not so much the absolute number of passengers that concerns me (although I don't disagree with you) but the number of passengers compared to the size of the ship.

If the numbers we've seen so far stay unchanged then it will have 50% more passengers than QE or QV on a ship only 25% larger. Or, 15% more passengers than QM2 on a ship 25% smaller!
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Brisbane, Australia
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It will be interesting to see how she turns out. I did like all the other ships.

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How are those numbers computed? I don't feel that gross tonnage tells the same story as public space square footage. What seems clear to me is that some newer ships are beginning to trade off volume space (read: large, open atriums) for more public space square footage crammed into a smaller ship. No question that that still makes the ship feel more cramped, but that cramped feeling comes from (so-to-speak) the top rather than from the sides, and I, for one, don't find that to be as objectionable. If I want open space above me, I'm happy to go topside, but I don't like being crammed shoulder to shoulder walking down the hallways and such.
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Not many "real" queens - ie those who were more than the wife of a king - to choose from, so Anne seems a good fit with the names already used.

Overall, tonnage and passenger capacity seems close to P&O's Ventura and Azura.
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Gross tonnage has been and remains a volume measurement, but you're correct that a volume devoted to staterooms accommodating 500 passengers is counted the same as the same volume devoted to grand atria.
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