New Cunard Ship coming in 2022

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Originally posted by Teddy123
Already used by Fred Olsen, albeit with a different spelling. Unlikely Cunard would want to risk confusion!
Bummer,I didn't do my homework.Don't the Norwegians have any of their own queens,lol.
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I was quite surprised to read the first EMail this morning (still in bed).
Aesthetically, this will be the worst looking ship in the fleet, unfortunately. The frontal view is hideous, extremely top heavy. They should at least raise the bow by one deck, and cut off one deck at the top and prolong the others to make it bearable. I wonder what eye-disease current cruiseship-designers are suffering from.
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Looks like more staterooms on Lido Deck forward, where Nieuw Statendam has her spa, as well as possibly an additional forward deck up high...
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Originally posted by Adammara
I vote for Queen Alexandra, as we had one in the last century!
Good name, yes, the wife of Edward VII.
But then, Alexandra was a beautiful, slim woman. Something that cant be said about this slightly odd-looking new project if it being built like this rendering suggests.

Queen Charlotte would fit much better, wife of George III. She was wearing towering wigs, something that would go perfectly with the new ship.
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Size/passenger ratio suggests that this ship will mainly do shorter cruises, one week, or two, and no world cruises.
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Afraid I must join up with those we question the sense of this design. Agree with all the comments re size, too any passengers, lack of promenade deck but also surprised no one has yet mentioned just how small the balconies are on this design of ship. Just look all the adverse comments on PandO and Princess boards about their ships of this design.

Can't see us ever sailing on this new ship. Just cannot share Cunard's excitement over this announcement.
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Originally posted by QM1
Good name, yes, the wife of Edward VII.
But then, Alexandra was a beautiful, slim woman. Something that cant be said about this slightly odd-looking new project if it being built like this rendering suggests.

Queen Charlotte would fit much better, wife of George III. She was wearing towering wigs, something that would go perfectly with the new ship.
Either of those names would be nice.

I don't mind Queen Anne either, although it reminds me of one of the ships in Pirates of the Caribbean (IV).
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This is really exciting news on many levels.
First, glad to see that Cunard/Carnival research shows that a forth ship of Cunard style cruising is justified. Hundred million dollar investments are usually not made lightly. So perhaps there is a trend towards style and civility in cruising.
Second, wouldn't it be great to be on the inaugural sailing or even in the first year!
and Third, each new Cunard ship seems to be more attuned to improving the passenger experience. When I look at my parent's cabin pictures from the Queen Mary (50's) to my wife and I's cabin on the QM2 its like night and day.
My wife suggests Princess Diana and focus the ship on style, fashion and great itineraries.
As for me, please include a Golden Lion pub with fish n chips and London Pride on tap and a Commodore's Club with very late hours.

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For what it's worth, my two cents opinion is also that this is an ugly exterior design. Totally over stacked. This is very apparent in the email I received from Cunard showing the 4 ships together bow on. Why do we need to keep stacking more and more decks? Very ungainly looking but then adding another 1,000 passengers will not do much for "ambiance" either. Cruise lines following the airlines horrible lead: More rears in smaller space per passenger. Not for me for sure.
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Yes,as soon as I received the email from Cunard about the new ship I thought Queen Alexandra would be nice. I hope I can be on her maiden voyage.I remember when Queen Elizabeth made her maiden voyage.We hadn't got into the cruise habit then and the Waverley Trust put on a trip on the Waverley from Portsmouth to see her leave Southampton.We sailed up Southampton Water to see her in dock and then followed her down to the Solent.I was so envious of the passengers on board that beautiful ship and told my husband that I would really like to be on board.Little did I know then that we would soon become members of the cruise fraternity.We have done 16 cruises now with Cunard and most of them on QE. Funny how life turns out!!

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Ok, so it's not the most aesthetically beautiful design and if there isn't a walk around promenade that will be a big mistake, but I wonder how many of the people who say they won't sail on her will actually change their minds and do so? I know I will.
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Names, names, names... for all the Queens England has had, you'd think there were a few more names to go around.

Queen Anne (Boleyn? Of Cleves? Of Bohemia? Neville? Of Denmark?)

Queen Catherine (of Aragon? Of Braganza? Of Valois? Howard? Parr?)

Plus there are three Marys, a couple if Margarets, and my personal favorite, Queen Gunhild of Wenden. She was married to Sweyn Forkbeard, who was King of England from Christmas Day 1013 till three days after New Year's in 1014. A brief reign, but a short one.

And let's not forget Queen Henrietta Maria, who married Charles I and had nine -- count 'em, nine -- children. She deserves to have something named for her, right?

Seriously, I love the suggestion of Queen Alexandra. I think that name would be a great addition to the Cunard fleet.
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As a Cunard fan, I was pleased (and surprised) to read that a new ship has been ordered. However, I am disappointed with the unattractive exterior appearance of the ship. Also, the passenger capacity seems too high for the ship's size. It will not be nearly as spacious as the QM2.

There is no doubt that this ship will be named a "Queen," but applying this naming convention to boxy new cruise ships seems to dilute the prestige of the past Cunard Queens. The Queen Mary, (original) Queen Elizabeth, QE2 and QM2 were/are special ships worthy of their names. It is unfortunate that a different naming convention is not used for the other current Cunard ships.

On the positive side, I think that Cunard did an excellent job with the interiors of the Queen Victoria and Queen Elizabeth. Although these ships are essentially stretched Holland America Vista ships, they have wonderful public areas that definitely convey an ocean liner atmosphere and sense of tradition. I hope that the new ship has a similar ocean liner feel.

Also, the addition of a fourth ship will allow Cunard to offer a broader range of itineraries. Hopefully, they will offer more itineraries from North American ports.

It will be interesting to see how the new ship develops.

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Originally posted by brian1
Bummer,I didn't do my homework.Don't the Norwegians have any of their own queens,lol.
I think what caught you out is all the ships Fred has are named on a Scottish theme, Black Watch, Braemar and Balmoral with the exception being Boudicca.

Regards John
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