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Originally posted by steph333
What does GAP, OBC and RCI mean?
GAP= group amenity points. You accumulate a certain amount of points when you book as a group. Either through Royal Caribbean or your travel agent. Then you can choose when to do with them
OBC=on board credit. You can get this for a different number of things. But its essentially money you can use while on the ship or towards your final bill.
RCI=royal Caribbean international. (They change their name every once in a while, so that may or may not be right at this time. It use to be RCC-royal Caribbean cruises or RCCL- royal Caribbean cruise line I believe)
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Sorry for falling off the face of the earth. I didn't realize that I don't get emails from Cruise Critic anymore so I didn't know anyone had posted in this group.

The credit I'm getting for being the head of our group is called a Tour Conductor Credit. Essentially, it's onboard credit. For every 8 rooms I have booked, they take the highest number of room category booked and give me credit for 1 berth. They are changing their program though because currently, you can get the bad end of the deal. For example, lets say that I have most people booked in a D7 (double occupancy) Ocean View Balcony. Some people booked when it was 30% off everyone. Some booked when it was BOGO 60%. And some booked and got the rate the group department was offering. Well, lets just say, I got punished for helping my guests get a great deal. Some of our guests booked during the 30% off everyone sale. So, I was going strong at my average room category being a D7 (double) - Ocean View Balcony. I was scheduled to get $874 per berth, at 2 credits (you get 1 credit for each group of 8 rooms). Then, I had more guests book this category during the BOGO 60% off sale, so my average berth cost for the same exact room dropped down to $440 per berth. So I went from getting a credit of $1748 to a getting $880. I wasn't happy about this for obvious reasons. I called and they ended up telling me that the program is changing because of problems like this. That they will be taking the average of the room berth for the highest average of room category, not the lowest of the room berth for the highest average room category. So they gave me the 'new' policy and gave me back the credit of $1748.

I wish their policy was just to take the average berth of all of your rooms booked, not just the highest average category because I have some nice suites booked. Also, I wish it wasn't just a credit for every 8 rooms because I'm 2 rooms away from my next credit so I'm missing out on an extra $874 because I am 2 room shy.

I don't know if I explained this clearly or not but I wanted to at least attempt in case it's helpful for anyone.
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