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Read the contract you signed. Often, there will be a clause that any disputes must be settled by mediation or arbitration. If so, you can't file a small claims case.
I remember your review. What do you want to sue them for?
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Thank you for answering. I read the contract under the seeing area and I don't really understand it.
I paid for a photo upgrade package #4 so I could have a CD of all the photos that were taken from the photographer. I did received a CD from the photographer but apparently it was the ships backup copy and my CD is with the photographer who stopped working with Royal Caribbean and they can't get in touch with him anymore. The photos I have will only be a 4x6. I can't enlarge them. I can't have any 8x10s of the bridal party or family shots. I told them this was unacceptable. They refunded money I paid for the package but I am still out my photos. I asked if I could redo photo with my bridal party and thats when they get all offensive saying they gave me back my money and to them that is fair and reasonable. I can't display any of my photos on my walls! I don't even have any big shots of just my husband and I. I feel like they are getting away with ruining my wedding. The photos are the most important part. I just wish there is something I could do.
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If they refunded your money, in the law, you have been made "whole." There's nothing to file a claim about. You got your money back.

As disappointing as this is, sometimes there's nothing you can do about it.

Take the money, hire a good local photographer and get new pictures taken.