I'm Inching My Way Towards Ambassadorship, Tell Me More About The Perks?

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Diablo, California
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I'm a Bronze but got my eyes fixed on Ambassador (years I know), what are your favorite perks?

Do you dine with the Officers every cruise?
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At the moment there is very little difference between Platinum Plus and Ambassador tier. The exception being that you would be entitled to a "Free 7 Day Cruise", ( I am assuming that you have to pay for the port fees and government taxes). I have also heard but not seen anything in writing about having dinner with the Captain when available.

As a Platinum Plus passenger, yes I attend the Officers Dinner every cruise. Sometimes it is very interesting. I think the best evening I have ever had was at a table hosted by the Communications Officer (Radio Operator). Really interesting young man.
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I have been Platinum Plus for quite some time! Honestly, there really is not much difference from being just Platinum!
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Originally posted by need2cruisesoon
I'm a Bronze but got my eyes fixed on Ambassador (years I know), what are your favorite perks?

Do you dine with the Officers every cruise?
We met a lovely gentleman on our Epic B2b at the informational get-together for all B2B passengers. He was the FIRST to tell us not to go to any trouble to rush from Platinum Plus to Ambassador Status.....said he was taking the Hawaii option as that was the most expensive cruise available for 7 days.

What I DID gather is that ALL officers on the ship know him by name, and he also told me that they allow him to eat in the Haven restaurant. He was very informative and was a "glass half full" sort of guy. I can't be certain if the reason that he was so well know and well treated was his "status" or the fact that he was so personable..... Sorry that I lost him contact info.
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Inching is the operative word. Not much past PP to get little bit and long time to get there.
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Originally posted by need2cruisesoon
I'm a Bronze but got my eyes fixed on Ambassador (years I know), what are your favorite perks?

Do you dine with the Officers every cruise?
I started entering the dining with an officer program @ Bronze level.

Go to your C.C. Meet & Greet. Ask the NCL group coordinator to enter you into the drawing or @ Guest Services.
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Brandon (Tampa), FL
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We never dine with an officer and not sure we ever will. It's just not something we're interested in at this time.

We did the behind the scenes tour once... that was interesting. Otherwise I just enjoy the discounts and other perks.
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Originally posted by need2cruisesoon
I'm a Bronze but got my eyes fixed on Ambassador (years I know), what are your favorite perks?

Do you dine with the Officers every cruise?

I’m inching my way towards it too (silver here). I’ll be looking forward to the free bag of laundry most.

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We're platinum plus. Not much different from Platinum. Ambassador perks surely don't give you any incentive to attain that level. We like priority boarding, where it exists. That perk doesn't even happen at some ports. We've never seen the priority dining and shows perk on any ship we've been on, and that's a number of them. We don't do the officers dinner. As one lady said, "You mean eat with the help?" LOL Actually, we'd rather eat with some of the crew we've known for years. Basically, we like the WiFi perk. We get enough minutes to contact our dog sitter daily. We really like priority boarding, again when available, and the 2 specialty dinners. Ambassador gets the one time free cruise, which, from what I heard, most of the exiting Ambassadors never got to use, before the benefit expired for them. They also get a few extras WiFi minutes.
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We are Platinum Members and just back from a 11- Day Mediterranean and Adriatic cruise from Rome. Invited by the Hotel Director (Armando), along with another couple from Florida, to dine with him one night in Le Bistro. Our Concierge Karin brought the invitation and asked if we would be interested in going. We thought about it a while, and finally decided to say yes. Hadn't ever dined with a ship officer. (Didn't have to dress up - just wear long pants.) We really enjoyed the experience. Great food, drinks, and conversation. Armando was great host! Drinks to get started, bottles of wine with a full course meal of your choice, along with deserts and after dinner drinks. it seemed that the time went by so quickly, but it probably lasted about 2 1/2 hours. Armando said he gets to do this 5-6 nights a cruise. Missed the show in the theatre that night, but this was so much better.
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Not sure if you've looked but NCL outlines Latitude tier benefits here....

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