Our Country Home - The Sixth Year!

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Central Virginia and Mathews County
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CONGRATULATIONS! Prayers for swift healing and back to your normal life with Judith!
Feel better soon!

Originally posted by Trainman-2
Today was the big day!
Originally posted by Trainman-2

I had my last radiation therapy treatment and "Rang the Bell"

Here I am with Nurse Megan. Every morning I would go in a bit early and sit down with Nurse Megan and we would talk about how I was doing. I learned a lot from her as she explained what was going on with the radiation and how it was affecting me.

Here I am "ringing the bell!" (Photo by Judith)

Ron & Maurine showed up, as they did for my first treatment, and took us to lunch afterward. Ron shot a video and some photos which I will post up when he sends them to me.

My butt is still really sore from the radiation, Nurse Megan says it will take 3 or 4 weeks for the redness and discomfort to go away. (NO! I do not know if it glows in the dark!)

In about 8 weeks I will have a PET Scan that will tell us is the cancer is still growing or not. The scan may not give a clear result if the swelling from the radiation has not dissipated. If this is the case, I will have to wait another 3 months for another PET Scan.
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'Sealovers Sails Again'
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So happy for “ringing” of the bell. Continued prayers.

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Happy Sailing to All
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Bunnell, FL 32110
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We have a cold front coming through with bands of heavy rain.

Internet service is in and out...

I am quickly learning that it is going to take a while for me to get my strength back. I am going to have to carry my rollator around with me. Even short walks are too much.
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Congratulations on ringing the bell. Take it easy during your recovery. Fingers crossed for a good report going forward!

Miami, FL
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Congratulations on finishing your treatment and ringing the bell!

We always enjoy following you and Judith on your adventures!

All the best to both of you!
Virginia Beach, VA
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The house looks great! You did a really good job getting it ready. The barn should be advertised as a party barn!!! It would be a great place for a summer kitchen with lots of cafe lights hanging from the ceiling and outdoor furniture and picnic tables!
Bunnell, FL 32110
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They warned me that I would have good and bad days and yesterday was a bad one. I didn't get much of anything done.

But today Ron & Maurine came over and we stuffed the JudithMobile (truck) and the Explorer full and emptied out the garage except for some tools that I will need for picking up palm fronds and cutting the grass.

One afternoon this week we will clean it out and make it look neat.
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The house looks great! You've all done a great job getting it ready for sale.

Here's hoping for a quick, full-priced sale!!
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First and foremost, Jim, let me congratulate you on finishing your treatment. I am constantly amazed at how well you've handled what's been doled out to you and the fact that you haven't let your discomfort and/or lethargy keep you firmly planted on the couch or worse yet, in bed. For that alone, let me ring a bell in YOUR honor! 🔔 👏👏👏👏 Wishing you nothing short of great news going forward from here.

Also, congrats on getting your former home listed. It was actually you and Judith seeing your new home for sale and deciding to dive in head first to what is a HUGE and laborious task, both mentally and physically, that spurred me on to finally "s##t or get off the pot" and get my now former home formally on the market and out shopping for a new place to hang my hat. I'm Sooooo glad that I finally did it and you know what? You're partly responsible, so THANK YOU JIM & JUDITH! 🤗

I've been in my new place for 3 months now and am tickled with it every day. Hope you also have a quick sale and can start to really enjoy yourselves.

Bunnell, FL 32110
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The National Weather Service in Jacksonville has issued a Hard Freeze Watch, which is in effect from Wednesday evening through Thursday morning.

* TEMPERATURE...mid to upper 20s.

* IMPACTS...A Hard Freeze Watch means sub-freezing temperatures are possible. These conditions could kill crops and other sensitive vegetation and will be hazardous to pets and vulnerable populations.


A Hard Freeze Watch means that temperatures 27 degrees or less are possible for at least 2 hours
Bunnell, FL 32110
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Lots of little things today. I am staying home and taking it easy and catching up on correspondence and bills.

I got two notices today from TRICARE that my Chemo pills are not covered. One for $4,771.40 and the other for $7,786.00. As you can guess, I jumped right on these and called the pharmacy that sent me the pills. They explained that the coding was correct for Medicare which had already paid but wrong for TRICARE. They have already re billed TRICARE with the correct code and told me not to worry that TRICARE will pick up the costs and send me new paperwork showing that.

I am lucky that I am retired Military and eligible for TRICARE For Life! TRICARE almost always pays what Medicare does not. My Brother, Tom, is paying about $500/month for supplementary insurance to pay for what his Medicare does not.

I made my first sandwich since I started on the Chemo pills. Ham & Cheese with tomato. WOW! It was good! Sorry but I didn't think to shoot a photo.
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When I read your amounts owed, I audibly gasped! For something that is so necessary, it is so wrong to charge exorbitant costs. I'm very glad yours will be covered by Tricare.

Sending continued positive thoughts and healing vibes.
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Bunnell, FL 32110
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There is a large field just north of us that is being planted. The activity is too far away for us to figure out what they are planting. Lots of tractors going by our house these days.

When we bring the Kubota over here we will ride over there and check it out.
Bunnell, FL 32110
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We were up in Palm Coast yesterday and Judith announced we should go to Salsa's for an early Mexican dinner.

We started with cheese dip, bean & cheese dip, salsa, and pico de gallo. The guacamole is made to order and it showed up a few minutes later.

Judith had the Carne Asada with grilled onions and mushrooms covered with cheese

I tried something new which was pork & pineapple chunks served in a pineapple, sizzling on a hot cast iron plate. It was pretty good! You can see the steam rising form it.