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So we sail very shortly!

I think I know what to pack, but is there anything that anyone can suggest that I may not have thought about! (Particularly any useful tricks or cheats) For example, shall I take extra coat hangers - there will be three of us sharing a cabin.

I know many of you have been on many cruises and must have picked up some useful packing knowledge.

In addition, is there any restrictions to taking a hairdryer on board. I have very thick hair and usually any hairdryer supplied is useless.

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I always take my trousers and skirts on their hangers (2 clips, one at either end). I also take strappy / lightweight dresses and tops on their hangers. The P&O ones are clunky wooden or wire and IMO not suitable for what us girls wear. You can take all the hooks for the wooden hangers off the rail too and store them in your luggage under the bed. You'll understand that when you see it!
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Hi definitely extra coat hangers/clip pant fact I take all of my own coat hangers....just don't like the clunky wooden ones provided. Also a couple of small in the room & one in the bathroom....
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If you are sailing round trip from Southampton you can take as many suitcases as you like. Three or more each and the nesting types are best as you can store the empty ones more easily.

Regards John
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I agree, always take everything on hangers, then dispose of the clunky wooden ones in one of our suitcases and put under the bed, then return them to the wardrobe at the end of the cruise. It saves so much time transferring clothes to the wardrobe than having to put hangers on them. We always take an extension lead, partly so we can charge more than one thing at a time but also because on occasions the plug for our phone charger is quite large and if the socket is over a desk/worktop the larger plug won't fit in.
I always take my own hairdryer as although there's one provided in the cabin I have thick hair and I need a more powerful dryer.
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I stuff small items like socks, belts, little bags with DH's cufflinks, ties, etc. into little bags and then inside shoes that have been previously wiped out with an antiseptic wipe. Take large clips to peg beach towels to recliners and fridge magnets to hold Horizon newsletter, excursion tickets and other bits of paper on the cabin walls and free up dressing table space.
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The cabin walls are metal. You can use them to hold leaflets, tickets, random notes etc. on the walls so they are easy to find, and not in a cluttered heap on your table.
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Heavy duty magnetic hooks are even better - hold your bags and outdoor clothes or sun hats or whatever and help prevent clutter.
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I take a torch which has a magnet on the back so stays on the wall , very handy for inside cabins if lights go out , air freshener for toilet and room , bed side clock that glows at night so I always know the time , high lighters for marking your daily newsletter , you can always ask your cabin steward for more hangers which will be normal ones and not the big wooden ones , I put my husband's bow ties in side his shoes
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I have a tiny sewing kit, and also a repair kit for glasses with little screws- probably out of Christmas crackers!- and have used both on board. In fact, the screw came out of someone's glasses and was lost on autumn's cruise, and the poor man was so dejected... until I opened my magic pouch!
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Originally posted by janny444
Hi definitely extra coat hangers/clip pant fact I take all of my own coat hangers....just don't like the clunky wooden ones provided. Also a couple of small in the room & one in the bathroom....
If you take extra hangers I find these hooks can be helpful. Some ships like Azura have plenty of hanging space but other ships have quite narrow, limited hanging space especially if you are going on a longer trip. These cascading hooks make it less of a squeeze trying to get clothes to hang properly. I use them at home too.
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Originally posted by newbietraveler101
As for Hair-Dryers, Yes, they are prohibited to bring on board, along with any electrical and household appliances.
No they are not. Perfectly fine to take your own hairdryer aboard.

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Pack of Anti bacterial wipes - especially for the places that don’t get cleaned well between guests eg. TV remote, door handles, telephone.
Insurance details - just in case.
At least 2 phone chargers and extension plug lead.
Patience, sense of humour and tolerance - you never know when these will be needed.
Have a great cruise

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Originally posted by newbietraveler101
As for Hair-Dryers, Yes, they are prohibited to bring on board, along with any electrical and household appliances.
Hairdriers may be prohibited on some lines but are NOT prohibited on P&O, Cunard, Princess or Celebrity, I have done over 40 cruises on these lines and have never been stopped. I usually carry it in my hand luggage because we usually stay overnight in Southampton but when we used to do fly cruises it went in our checked luggage.
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Pack your toiletries in a plastic lunch box. Then if anything breaks open when they are chucking your suitcase around the spillage is contained. (I learnt this from a flight years ago when they really go hurl your luggage around).