Grand Princess event coordinator

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Originally posted by denmarks
It has been a while since I have been here and I need to verify the Grand Princess event coordinator. I currently have:

Jenny Streeck
[email protected]

Is this correct? Anyone have the current list for all ships?
Since I host many Meet & Greets here’s the list that I have.

Princess Contact List

Sapphire, Grand: Jenny Streeck (661) 284-4444
[email protected]

Ruby & Coral: Berna Grayr (661) 284-4448
[email protected]

Royal, Sun, Dawn: Stacey Anderson (661) 284-4333
[email protected]

Regal & Diamond: Lawrence Andrada (661) 284 4445
[email protected]

Emerald, Island & Majestic: Rosanne Pennucci (661) 284 4443
[email protected]

Crown & Star: Jodi Rudolph (661) 284 4450
[email protected]

Golden, Pacific: Jan James (661) 284-4452
[email protected]

Caribbean & Sea: Coleen Reyes (661) 284-4447
[email protected]

Diamond: Diana Hall (661)284-4449
[email protected],
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