Allergies in the mid-Atlantic?

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San Francisco, CA
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I hadn't expected this. My allergies are flaring up as we're in the middle of the Atlantic. (Where's the pollen coming from??)

Last night was the worst. I thought it was me, but when in line to buy handkerchiefs at the shop, I was chatting with the salesperson and the woman behind me said the exact same thing was happening to her.

Have others had similar experiences (and do you have an explanation?)
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.Mark Katzenberger

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Toms River, N.J.
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Are you allergic to the perfumes and colognes around you? Maybe the chemicals used to clean are bothering you. Maybe the floral arrangements are bothering you. Good luck with your allergies!

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He tried I'll try cruising.

Chester, UK
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I've had the opposite. I sneeze like hell sometimes (a few times a day), but when I went TA, after a couple of days I noticed the sneezing had stopped. I've no idea what causes me to sneeze for England !
Valley of the Sun, Arizona
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The air in the North Atlantic is the freshest most of us are ever likely to breathe but modern ships are basically "sealed" systems. Look at the old liners and see all the air scoops for ventilating the ship. All that great fresh air flushed out the stagnant indoor air. I feel for the OP as I suffer allergies badly at certain times of the year. Inside ships these days (especially ships that are new or recently refit) carpeting gives off gasses and fibers. Paint coatings take a long time to fully cure. As was said above, floral arrangements are everywhere, and the air conditioning system has miles of duct work that has probably never been cleaned. I also usually get relief at sea but if there is such a thing as "dirty ship syndrome" and there are hidden mold/mildew sources, I will be there sneezing with the best of them....
Oakland, CA USA
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I think Jim Avery is on to something here. I too suffer from environmental allergies, mostly tree and grass pollens, maybe some dust. And I've found TAs have not been a sneeze-free place for me, so I take my meds just like I do at home and manage my illness. In short, I do think the ship continues to re-circulate the air from the land and ports at least for a few days.
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Working in the medical field, sometimes foods can set off allergic reactions just like a pollen or medication can.

Something you ingested could have caused a reaction. Something you haven't had for a longtime or even the first time.

Bedding or even the soap in laundry also can cause a reaction.

I agree, sea air is the freshest source of air you can get.

Feel better....
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