First Cruise - what to expect first night

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We have booked our first cruise for Easter 2018 on Azura. As we will be travelling with our five year old I am wondering what there will be to do on the first night. We will be signing up for the Kids Club but I don't know if it will be open the first night. From reading other reviews I'm thinking that after the sail away and dinner it will be near bedtime for our daughter but would like to know our entertainment options if she is too excited to sleep.
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Well if its any help...which it will not be...a lot of people will probably have travelled a way to get to the me personally I usually have an earlyish night , may be others do to. I think you sign up for the childrens club on it should be open in the evening. If she is too excited for sleep take some crayons etc or a quiet game and go to one of the larger lounges/bars, so she can play quietly.
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Thanks for your reply. That makes sense about the early night. I've gained a lot of information reading reviews but couldn't find anything about the first night. We are really looking forward to the cruise as it will be very different to our previous holidays.
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After signing your daughter into the kids club and you have had dinner, there maybe an early show on in the theatre which is usually a 45 minute welcome aboard show with singing and dancing. Or alternatively just wonder around the ship to get to know where everything is, I can't remember the kids club doing anything first night but when you get to your cabin there will be complete listings of what activities there will be. There are certain areas where they have board games don't know where on Azura but on Ventura her sister ship they are by the Glasshouse. There will also be bands/singing acts in the bars and lounges. The swimming pools may be open to use.
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On our first few cruises a typical embarkation day would be long this lines

1. Embark around 2:00
2. Drop off hand luggage in cabin.Go to buffet for late lunch.
3. Go back to cabin to check if luggage has arrived and if so unpack.
4. If not wander round the pool decks, explore outside the ship then go back and check for luggage.
5. Unpack then go to Muster Drill
6. Have a drink
7. Get ready for dinner.
8. Have dinner then go and listen to entertainment in bars
9. Have early night.

The ship is quite quiet the first night then get ready to hit it the next day
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You can sign up for the kids club on the first day until 3, then there's another sign up session at 5:30-7:30 I believe. The last day you can sign up is the morning of the second day


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Based on our previous cruises the kids club will be open on the first evening and there will be some low-key activities. This is when the staff take the time to help the children get to know each other, and the staff, and feel "at home", so if possible I would encourage your daughter to go, if she is not too tired.
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Not sure if you plan to eat dinner in the evening wth your daughter or if you plan for her to eat at children's tea. From memory, children's tea is at 17:15 or 17:30 and generally provides a good variety of food. Our son when he was young would have children's tea and then spend the evening in the children's club.
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Night nursery will also be open first night if you intend to use it - drop off from 1800 ( i think ) Last pick up 2am.... I found it great with my 9 month old. They should be sleepy before you take them up especially the older ones. ask about it when you sign up. We then picked him up usually between 11pm and 1pm depending if we saw a show and or had a drink after the show. the older kids sleep on mattresses on the floor.
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