What is the up to date status of Cunard's alcohol policy?

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Originally posted by Pennbank
Why is it so wrong ?
With the High prices Cunard now charge for drinks, we certainly would never consider leaving full glasses of any drink in the bar. Often we will take our filled glasses into Dinner or Lunch. Not everyone has pots of Money to waste,
I personally believe it would be rude for us to ask a waiter in the Commodore Club to take my drink into the Britannia. So the Guys always takes the ladies drinks in as well as their own if we have ordered a round and not realised the time.

Times have changed and Cunard is changing now we are in the 21st Century.
One can see no "time band" for dining in club or above. However if dining in Britannia, then the Commodore will be happy to let the RM know you will be delayed. Then drinks be finished (if wished) at leisure. Therefore no need to carry.

Agreed we are in the 21st Century.
Sadly, it would appear "times have changed", but it is not Cunard who are changing, but some of the people that now board.
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I started this thread, totally oblivious to the side issues which would arise. I must stress we would NEVER ever take our own supply of alcohol outside of our cabin. Further, when in a bar, lounge or restaurant we will certainly only ever buy the Cunard supplied alcohol and that will certainly comprise spirits, wines and liqueurs.

It would seem from the on-topic posts on this thread that there has been no change to the Cunard policy in respect of taking alcohol onboard and therefore our plan is still doable.

Thank you to contributors.
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Originally posted by denatravels
If I want to pour a glass of wine in my room while I’m dressing for dinner and then take it with me, I will.
We frequently do this as well. For us, it's not an issue of saving money, but that we generally drink what we believe to be much better wines than any cruise line stocks. Basically, if they stocked a better selection, we'd be quite happy as we usually have tons of OBC to spend.
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The OP would have no problem if Cunard adopted the P&O policy. One bottle of wine though would not last long for cabin consumption.

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Viking Ocean have no limits on how much alcohol you bring on. You can drink it where you want and there is no corkage fee. True it’s more expensive re cruise fare - a Brittania size cabin is on par with the cost of Princess in Grills but drinks accompany meals and drink packages are very reasonable. I’ve travelled Queens, Princess and Britannia on Cunard but confess I am now veering towards Viking Ocean having spent a very enjoyable week in the Eastern Med - and excursions too.