Splendour of Seas mosque dress code

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Will be sailing on Splendour of Seas from Dubai and we are wondering what the expected dress code(men & women) is for visiting various mosques via ship's shore excursions. Thanks
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Try this as a example:

Dress code in public places in Dubai
In general most 'normal' clothing is tolerated, provided, it is not too outrageous.
For women
Women do not have to cover their heads, faces and hair with a scarf or something similar when in public, although Muslim women, particularly Gulf Arabs, do cover their hair, faces, heads with scarf for cultural and religious reasons. But, when visiting a Mosque, women have to cover their hair, bodies and legs, although covering the face is not a must.
To be respectful of the UAE culture, it is best to remain covered from shoulder at least to the knees. For instance, although t-shirts (preferably with sleeves covering at least upper arm) are fine, spaghetti tops for women may not be appreciated in public areas. Also, very tight and/or low-cut t-shirts are also considered offensive. Females wearing strappy tops may be in for a warning at Dubai shopping malls, or shopping centres.
It is best to not to keep the skirt length above the knee level. As skirts get shorter in length, there is higher risk of male attention, police arrest and fine.
When visiting a government office (including visa, driving license, hospital), women are required to dress more conservatively.
In more traditional areas such as villages and souks, markets and such other areas, short skirts are not considered appropriate for women, and long-skirts below knee length are preferred. Western tops with deep neck lines are strictly prohibited.
For men
Men wearing shorts, although may be considered odd, are unlikely to get into trouble. However, cycling shorts that reveal certain contours or boxer shorts may result in warning from the authorities. Wearing cycling shorts when cycling should be fine.
Sports clothing appropriate for the sport being played is allowed at the sports venue. However, any combinations of t-shirts and shorts are not a problem, even if worn elsewhere on the way from sports location. At the beach, a swimsuit is acceptable.
When visiting a Mosque, men are required to be dressed in long trousers.
T-shirts with offensive slogans or pictures, gestures, or obscene language that might cause religious or cultural offence are not acceptable in Dubai.
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Originally posted by Ed342
Will be sailing on Splendour of Seas from Dubai and we are wondering what the expected dress code(men & women) is for visiting various mosques via ship's shore excursions. Thanks
I did the ship's tour in Muscat to the Grand Mosque. I covered my head with a scarf, wore long trousers and a long sleeved blouse. Do not take any chances , it is not worth it. All the women on my tour had their attire inspected before they were allowed in. One idiot lady thought she could get away with putting a pool towel on her head!!!!
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For myself (female) I wore a head scarf, a long sleeved loose fitting shirt and long pants to visit the mosques (we visited one in Muscat and the grand mosque in Abu Dhabi).

If you are not properly covered at the grand mosque in Abu Dhabi, they do have "abayas", which are the long black robes that women can put on. There is a security person checking everyone and if they don't think you are properly covered they'll send you to get one of those robes.

For men it's more lax. They can wear shorts as long as they are not tight and go below the knee. My husband went with long cargo pants just to be safe and a golf shirt (men's arms do not have to be covered to the wrist like women.)
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Visited the Mosque three weeks ago it's a must do. So give the respect it deserves. Ladies cover head, shoulders, arms and legs. my wife hired the full robe ( get confused is it sharhab Hyab or other ? ) the hire is FREE but proof of idea needed ie Photo Driving license. We got there early so no problem but on return a large queue was developing. Don't chance going on a Friday ( Holly Day ) we were told in excess of 11,000 go to pray. A Great experience so have an open mind.
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