Cabins on Splendour of the Seas

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We are looking at booking an outside cabinon the Splendour/soon to be Thomson Discovery but are concerned that the cabins when thomson take it on will have noise problems on deck 3 as the show lounge and casino etc., will be on deck 4. Also deck 2 outsides will be immediately above the engines, air conditioning units etc. Does anyone have experience of these cabins and whether there are any problems with deck 2, in particular.
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You'll have to do a more specific search for the cabin you want. Generally though, look for a cabin with another passenger cabin on all sides to lessen the chance of noise.I don't think any passenger cabin is above the engine - there's crew cabins and other stuff between the engine and passenger decks. Also, other factors could make noises an issue -like being next to a door that slams all the time, across from service area,etc. You could be all the way up on deck 7 and still have disruptive noises and vibrations. You could have the best planned cabin in terms of noise and then you get screaming kids who bang on the wall right next door on your sailing. Get something mid ship and hope for the best.
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The engine room is many decks below the crew decks, which are below passenger decks!!!

The cabin hallways are separated from any public areas....noise isn't usually an issue...hallways carry noise of folks talking while walking...true on any deck!