2 days in Cairns

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Lincoln, CA
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Will be in Cairns for 2 days before we hit the GBR. Anything I should do that is a must see or do?

Thanks...we will be there Nov 13th -15th.
St Ives, England
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Yes - white water rafting on the Tully river. I had a day there in 1998 with RnR. Completely memorable, with fantastic scenery, warm water and the rafting was (to me) thrilling. Really good barbie at half-way too.

I went to the GBR the next day and it was wonderful, wouldn't have missed it for anything, but if I could only do one of them again it would be the rafting.
Lincoln, CA
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I'm going to look into that one...we love to raft too. Was it a rough ride or just pleasent?
St Ives, England
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Originally posted by pj4jj
I'm going to look into that one...we love to raft too. Was it a rough ride or just pleasent?
It was gentle for most of the ride (5-6 miles from memory) with a good few patches of rapids, some which are grade 4 (grade 6 is the most extreme). But it's exhilarating rather than terrifying, and you are very safe throughout (helmet, buoyancy vest etc) and a guide in your raft at all times. There will be 6-7 other punters in your raft plus the guide but it's still not cramped.

You can jump out in one of the flat bits and swim/float if you want, and there's a stop for those who want to jump off a high rock to do so, which I did, although it was higher at the top than it looked from the bottom, and whilst you can turn back it would have looked bad so I just walked briskly up to the ledge and jumped. It's plenty deep enough and the life vest is a great 'brake' when you hit the water.

The weather was glorious and even the slow bits were great as (other than the other rafts) in the tropical forest you feel so cut off from the modern world in the beautiful scenery.

At the end, while you are drying off and having a coffee they are finishing the DVD (VHS tape for me in '98) which just about everybody buys. It's about 40 minutes long and there will only be glimpses of yourself but it is a great reminder of the day.

This reminds me that I'd better convert that tape to DVD while I've still got a working VHS player .

There's plenty of reviews about it on TripAdvisor - go for it, you'll have a ball !

Melbn, 'Straya
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The Daintree Rainforest is a 2 hour drive north of Cairns and worth a visit. For tour operators, make Google your friend
Orewa , Auckland , N.Z.
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Kuranda Train and Sky Rail would be my must do.

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Lincoln, CA
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Thanks everyone...we are doing the Skyrail...it looks great.

We've done several river rafting here in CA and it's always so much fun...

Which zoo or wild life park is best near Cairns.
Arlington, Virginia
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The Cairns Zoo would certainly be the closest choice for you. I haven't visited it, so I can't comment on it.
However, we have been to the Wildlife Habitat (formerly known as the Rainforest Habitat) in Port Douglas several times and have always enjoyed our visits. The entire complex is covered in a special netting so that the birds can fly freely. Also, a number of animals (e.g. kangaroos and emus) are allowed to roam so you can get a good look at them. They have a special package which includes transportation from Cairns, but other tour companies in Cairns may also offer packages.
Here's their website: www.wildlifehabitat.com.au