Day GPC3, Sunday, August 12, 2018, At sea, Crystal Symphony

It is warming up. I started the morning with my gortex jacket but by mid walk I had to stop and take it back to my room. I believe the day’s temperature started about 73 and rose to about 77, cloudy in the morning but sunny in the afternoon. It was a pretty cloudy morning and the best of the morning colors actually came perhaps 20 minutes before sunrise.


It was another busy sea day, this time starting with Fr. Lawler’s interdenominational service at 9. Attendance was pretty strong. The day’s lectures started with Jay Wolff at 10 on Mexico, “A Glittering Civilization Rises and Falls”.

He was followed at 11 with Jon Bailey with “Give My Regards to Broadway”, a look at the impact of many of our musicals on our culture.


In his noon update Captain Willheim indicated the warming trend would continue with a high of 88 in Cabo.

The afternoon lecture was by Jim Brochu on Kate Hepburn. The afternoon doldrums caught up with me and I watched again on replay in my room.


There were 7 at the shared table but the dinner dragged on and on. I chose the chicken consume and (half) ribeye but gave up and left before desert to not be TOO late for the evening show. After the show I got room service desert, the pear upside down cake with ice cream.


The featured entertainment was Broadway Singer Josh Young. I get the feeling many of these Broadway stars are more interested in showing their vocal range than in presenting the music and had almost decided not to go, After a quick look at my World Cruise blog I changed my mind. Young sings his songs beautifully, and has an engaging personality, often singing his commentary with telling but also humorous ditties. I even enjoyed his reference to his CD’s at Appropos.


John Joseph had a comedy show at 10:30 but with an hour lost as we go to Mountain time I said “not going to happen”. I did share a few minutes with Jim Brochu, Steve, and Richard Caesar in the Avenue Saloon before going up to the Sun Deck where Jeff Hoffman was giving some tips on the Perseid Meteor Shower but it was too cloudy to really see anything.

My parting shot comes from Jeff Hoffman while we were up on the Sun Deck looking for meteors. He talked about the first one he saw from the Space Shuttle. He saw one and said “It can’t be a meteor; they’re supposed to be up not down. While a shooting star is the result of a meteor burning up in the atmosphere, and from space that actually is down. It’s all a matter of perspective.

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