RCI excursion - Chichen Itza Mayan Ruins

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I've got an upcoming cruise on Allure and been looking at the excursions at Cozumel.

My family really wants to visit "Chichen Itza Mayan Ruins" via the RCI excursion. Has anyone done this recently?

Also it shows a 10hr 15min duration, anyone ever missed the ship?

Appreciate your help

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It's not at all cheap, but in my opinion, the best way to see Chichen Itza from Cozumel is with the non-ship based air excursion. It's about a 6-7 hour excursion, total. You fly over from Cozumel in a small plane, get there before all the bus loads arrive, visit it before the heat of the day sets in, and get back to Cozumel in mid-afternoon.

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Sine it is a cruise line excursion you won't miss the ship.
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I went to Chichen Itza last year, not on a cruise though, we were staying at an all-inclusive in Riviera Maya. It takes a while to get there, but it's totally worth it (at least for someone like me who enjoys archaeology ). Definitely one of those "must see" places.

If you do an excursion through the cruise line, then no, you will not miss the ship. In the event they do not get back on time, the ship will wait because they know they have a large group out there. At least that is what I understand, and I have been on cruises where we were delayed while waiting for excursion groups.
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I did a long Tulum excursion on a Princess cruise and they had to hold the ship for us to get back. Those excursions are the only ones that I think are a MUST do to through the ship because they are so long.
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Originally posted by misslyss1220
If you do an excursion through the cruise line, then no, you will not miss the ship. In the event they do not get back on time, the ship will wait because they know they have a large group out there. At least that is what I understand, and I have been on cruises where we were delayed while waiting for excursion groups.
We did the 'Coba Ruins' tour through RCL last year. It is a full day tour and as we were crossing the channel returning to the ship, we watched all the other cruise ships pulling out. The Freedom was the only ship left docked as we got off the ferry 20 minutes after the scheduled departure time. They were waiting for us with lots of people watching from the balconies as we strolled up the dock. I climbed the Mayan pyramid. I was tired and in no rush....

As soon as we boarded, they closed the door, pulled in the lines and backed off from the dock. We were well off-shore by the time we got up to our cabin.
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Ed & Barb
Sydney - Australia
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Thanks for the replies! We'll book the Chichen Itza tour and I'll keep you all posted

Look forward to being able to see one of the 7 new wonders of the world.

Have a good weekend

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Can I ask where you seen the excursion advertised? Reason I ask is because I am looking to book the western Caribbean oasis if the seas that stops in corzumel but when I look under "excursions" on the website it does not show the chichen itza excursion

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ah, is that only viewable after you book? i dont want to book and then find out this excursion is not available i know its silly to base a cruise on one excursion, but i really want to see this place
Sydney - Australia
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I'm sure it would be available as your looking to do the same cruise as me.

Perhaps call RCCL just to confirm that it will be offered.

The first time I noticed this tour was after I booked and looked at the pre cruise planner

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Did you do this tour at the end of July on Allure?

How did the scheduling work out? Would you give the tour a positive review?
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We did this tour with the cruise line. We loved it. We took a boat to the mainland in Riviera Maya. Had to walk a few blocks to the bus, and off we went. There was a stop to use the bathroom (same on the way back). It is a very long day. We were almost the last ones back but I didn't have to worry since it was a ship excursion. We were too nervous to do it on our own.

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Thanks for the info. I just became concerned maybe they were in the habit of cancelling this one as few had reported back after taking it and it fills absolutely every minute the ship is in port. I will look forward to it.
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A few years back I booked the Chichen Itza tour but it originated in Progreso. It was a long tour and as others have stated if it is booked through the cruise line you will not get left behind. What I remember is that the bus stopped at a tourist trap going and coming back. just be aware there will be plenty of opportunity to purchase "stuff" when you get to the site so you may want to avoid the trap.
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Bill in Monrovia

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I would like to take my Mom to Chichen Itza on the Royal Caribbean excursion (just so we don't miss the ship!). I'm sure she can get around AT Chichen Itza.

My concern and question is about walking to the ferry, and walking from the ferry to the bus. How far is the ferry from the ship? How far is the bus from the ferry? Is it a mass rush or normal walking? She can walk fine as long as there are not a lot of regular steps or she has to walk very fast.

Once she gets to Chichen Itza, do the buses park right near the entrance to the visitor's center?

I'm also curious about the bus. I know most tour buses have that giant first step which is hard for her. I have a little folding step-stool I can take. Any input?

Thanks for any response. This is an old thread, so I'm not sure anyone is around to answer!