Review of Uvero Boat Blast and Snorkel

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This tour didn't start off very well. It is very easy to find were you are supposed to meet for the tour once off the ship. We waited in line for a while, then were lead to a bus to take us to Uvero Beach. Well, for some reason we were 40 minutes late leaving. We just sat waiting on the bus. Finally, a man went up to the driver and asked why we were waiting. He didn't speak English very well and just mumbled a response. About 5 minutes later a lady went up and asked again. The driver then got off the bus and went and asked the "leader" why we had to wait. The "leader" got on and asked us to be patient - that we would leave in about 2 minutes. There was a couple that came running to the bus, then a minute later another couple came running. Everyone clapped when they got on, because we could now leave. I just don't think we should be made to wait that long if 4 people are late. The ride to the beach was interesting. We saw a huge iguana on the road. We traveled through very poor areas. Saw many shack huts along the way. It took 30 minutes to get to the beach. The first thing they have you do is sit down and sign a release paper. We then were taken to a "training area" where we were given boat driving instructions and snorkel equipment and life vests were passed out. We then were taken to our boats.

My first impression was of the beach - it is really pretty. Chairs, in the sun and shade available, food and drinks, and a shopping area. Back to the boats - they only fit 2 people. Since we are a family of 3 I didn't know if one of us would drive by ourself or not. We had an even amount of people on this excursion, so I doubled up with someone who also was in a group of 3. I let him drive and I throughly enjoyed the ride. The spray of the water in your face and eyes is continuous, so if you do this trip wear sunglasses. It only helped a little, but very hard to see if wearing nothing over your eyes. There was one driver that put on his snorkel mask! The drive to the snorkel dock was very fun. I wish I would have timed the time it took to get to the dock. It probably only took 15 minutes. Everyone docks their boat at this pier, which for some took some effort. Then, snorkeling takes place from the dock. I had never snorkeled in such open waters as this. The water was very choppy which made snorkeling difficult. The water was also very shallow and the coral was very high. You had to be extremely careful or you were right up on it. Of course, the guides tell you to stay away from the coral, but it was impossible with the waves. Both of my knee caps scrapped the top of a coral formation. It looked like a mild scratch when I got out of the water. Now 9 days later it looks worse. I had even forgotten about doing it until yesterday when both by knees started itching. I looked at them and I have welts on both knee caps. It itches like crazy today. Hopefully, it will go away soon.

What we saw snorkeling wasn't that impressive. Some of the coral was pretty, but virtually no fish were around. After about 45 minutes of snorkeling we drove the boats another 15 - 20 minutes back to the beach. The boating was the best part of this trip. Once back on the beach a drink was offered. You have the choice of staying on the beach or taking the bus back to port. The buses only run on the hour.

This excursion cost $95/person. I don't think it was worth that amount of money. I had heard snorkeling in Costa Maya was good, but I hadn't heard any specifics on Carnival based trips. I thought this one sounded like the most fun. I can't say I would reccomend this excursion. Hopes this helps anyone thinking about this tour.
Orlando, FL
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Are the boats "jet skis"? I love to snorkel but am not much of a water sports person. Sounds like this excusion was a mix. Hmm...will have to ponder this more.

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