8-30-12 Thursday Weigh-In..Last Holiday of the Summer

Lose Before You Cruise
A place for cruisers to share their stories of how to lose weight before a cruise. Virtual snacks allowed, but only in small quantities.
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Sorry I goofed!

The 8-30-12 thread is at the end of the 8-23-12
Is Anyone Home.

Things aren't going well with my mother.
Ups and Downs. Dr. app's. ect.
Tried to plan a cruise for our anniverisary.
Don't know if we will be able to go.

So with her and my husband..and me doing everything..
I'm going CRAZY!

Have a good weigh-in and a holiday weekend.
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Good morning, Belle. I really hope that you get to take your anniversary cruise. So sorry to hear that your mother is not doing well.

For me, the good news is that my DH is doing very well. He went to the doctor yesterday for his post-hospital check-up and the doctor told him that he was doing great. He said to expect some moments of fatigue but thats about it. Good news.

The bad news is I am up 1# for the week. *sigh* I wish I was doing better but I am not. Must try harder.

Good luck all
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HI all!

Belle ~ cute little ditty on the other thread! SUre hope everything improves with your family so you can take your anniversary cruise, is it a special number one?

Rose ~ glad to hear DH is improving.

Well I neither gained nor lost so that's fine with me. I was a bit worried since I have been eating chocolate & salty snacks in the evening but I guess my exercises & therapy are making up for that.

Jan ~ wtg fitting into the dress for the Wedding! Not too much longer 'til your cruise eh?

Welcome to the new people, the more the merrier!

Have a great holiday weekend!

~ Jo ~
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Roseville, CA USA
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Hello Everyone,

Belle, sorry about your mom. Sending virtual hugs your way. I hope you can go on that cruise.

Rose, glad your hubby is better.

Miraculously I lost 2 lbs. this week. For the challenge I'm at a total loss of 4 lbs.

Gives me a little wiggle room to enjoy my cruise next week. I'll try not to eat everything in sight.

Good luck to everyone this week. Will check back in on September 13th weigh-in.

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Diana - Enjoy your cruise, relax and have a wonderful adventure.

Belle, I wish we all lived closer - I think it would be fun if you and I were able to sit down (with a bottle of wine!) and just talk about life and family.

I'm still not weighing in - I will start again toward the end of the month. Think I need to go with the flow on "stuff" - My MIL fell yesterday, but she is ok -- she's spending a lot of time crying, nothing they can do for her back (except meds help a little) -- the wedding was 13 days ago and she has no memories of that day. It is so sad, and so difficult for my DH - He is now going there usually twice a day and half of Saturday & half of Sunday.

My kids are healthy, my grandson is healty, my husband is healthy, I'm actually healthy --- so guess I should be grateful for the positive things. Jan
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Good Morning Miss Belle!

Have not been here is a long time.
Hope all is going well for you.

I truly miss your weekly poems.
I will try to check back a couple of times and make sure you are behaving.
If you are not I plan to report you to Sheila and Jean and Elaine and all the other from our lose before you cruise board.

Have a Great Day!
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Have a Great Day


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Thank you all for your warm welcome. You are such a lovely supportive group.

Belle and Jan - so sorry to hear you have family members who are unwell; when you are caring for others it is hard to find time to think about yourself and your own needs.

Rose - good news about your DH and I am sure you will be reporting a nice weight loss next week.

Congratulations to Diana on the 2lbs loss and I hope you have a wonderful cruise.

Jo - you didn't put any weight on and that is what really matters!

I have lost just 1 lb this week, but as I did not diet strictly but just ate a little less and took some extra exercise, I am happy with that. Only hope I can keep it up!

Best wishes to all.

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Well I was in Florida last week. A whole week of eating out and desserts with little exercise. I was afraid to step on the scale when we got back.

Well the good news is that although I gained 2 lbs, by this morning I had lost one! I am so glad. I have more faith that I can keep it off, or at least down to a dull roar, when we go on our cruise/2 week vacation Dec. 2.

Still am not doing very well on the challenge. Started at 154 and I am still 154. Darn.
Next week I have to bake 5 cakes for a fundraiser. Soooooo hard to be good when the house smells like chocolate. I usually make small 3x5 cakes for the 2 of us to have to soften the blow. This gives us a taste but no way to really blow the diets.
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Hope you read my poem or whatever
you call them at the end of last weeks..which
is for this week! Don't know how I made that

Today..Thursday had to take my mother to the
Hospital her heart is failing. Thought might be
her lungs..probably both. Least she's getting the
meds she needs to get better. She should be fine
after this for months (they think) but who knows
how many months. Sad but knew she had problems
but doing well till now.

Please say a prayer that she is comfortable and
not in pain. My only hope is that when it's time
it's peacefull.

Now for a upbeat post!

Rose..So happy your husband doing better. I to wish
I was doing better. We can do it! TY Rose.

Jo..Glad you stayed the same even with your little snacks.

Diana..Bon Voyage! You lost 2lbs before you leave. Great!
TY for the Hug!

Jan..So sorry about your MIL. Know how your husband feels.
Now I'll be at hospital everyday. She's about 35 to 45 mins
each way. Would be nice to get dru..mean drink together and

Indiana..Hello stranger! How are you? You still keep in touch
with the others? Yes do come in more often.

Trina..Glad you came back, we didn't scare you away!lol
Good loss your first week. TY trina..it is hard.

forbjz..I can smell the cakes now! Great job..only gaining
two lbs on vacation and then losing one.

Have a Good Weekend!
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Diana, nice loss this week. Have a great cruise!

Jo, staying the same is good. It's not a gain, so no worries.

Trina, congrats on your loss.

forbjz, I am with you. Not doing very well on this challenge.

Jan, being healthy and having family healthy is the most important thing. The weight loss will come with time.

Have a great weekend, everyone.
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Sorry I missed yesterday. I am not used to weighing in on Thursdays. I have lost 1 pound this week for a total of 61.

Congratulations to all who have lost or not gained weight.

Those of you with illness and stress I will pray for.
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