Union and Carnival end labor dispute

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We have arrived at a compromise wherein the longshoremen will perform some baggage handling responsibilities on board the Spirit at the original manning level that existed last year before the disagreement arose," Carnival spokeswoman Jennifer De La Cruz said in an e-mail. "We are pleased to have found a mutually satisfactory resolution."

ILWU workers make $29 an hour to secure vessels on the docks, handle baggage and load cargo on cruise ships in Whittier, Norman said. The cruise lines' predominately foreign crew typically make $1 to $1.50 an hour, he said.

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ILWU workers make $29 an hour to secure vessels on the docks, handle baggage and load cargo on cruise ships in Whittier, Norman said. The cruise lines' predominately foreign crew typically make $1 to $1.50 an hour, he said.

God...when you actually see this in print, doesn't it make you want to puke...for real????
This is one screwed up world we live in.
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seeing the discrepency in print like that does open your eyes huh ? but then why should we feel guilty that we make a decent wage so we can live like human beings in the best country in the world ? we should be looking at elevating the wage structures of these other counties to improve them and the working peoples of those countries .......not just getting the world bank to forgive that country's debt or begging other countries to up their foriegn aid. have we forgotten what Henry Ford did ? he was the nut that created the middle class by paying his workers a wage that made them able to afford to buy one of his products. what a radical.......who'd a thunk that by paying people a livable wage that they just may spend that money ? I surely hope that we here dont think that these longshoreman of ours make TOO MUCH.
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I for one being a union member am happy it was resovled.

I also like the fact that carnivals employees get paid so little, so I can afford to cruise more.
could you imagine the cost of a cruise if they got union pay or even minimum wage.
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that they are sending that money back to a country where $200.00 a year income is really something!

They do not come from countries where the cost of living is anywhere close to ours.

I have known 3 waiters that worked for 5 years. That gave them enough money to not only support their families....but open a business back home when they "retired" from Carnival.

What I find so typical is that the union spent all that money (bringing guys in from as far away as San Francisco) and created all that ill will (what do you think those people on the bus is going to remember).....only to get exactly what they had all along!!

No wonder they work for someone else. Henry Ford wouldn't have made it thinking that way.
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