Lunch in the dining room on embarkation day?

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Princess announced this as a buried sentence in a press release in January 2008.
Has anyone had lunch in the dining room on embarkation day? If so, how did it go? Which dining room?
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When we were on the Grand Princess 2 years ago and I thought I read that lunch was being served in one of the dining rooms on embarkation day. We went to the dining room and were informed lunch was only being served in the buffet that day. What are other peoples experiences?
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Originally posted by Canuker
Princess announced this as a buried sentence in a press release in January 2008.
Has anyone had lunch in the dining room on embarkation day? If so, how did it go? Which dining room?
This was a heated topic a couple of weeks ago on these boards. You may want to do a search to read the specific posts.

In a nut shell, it seems most people were turned away and encouraged to eat elsewhere. Several who managed to get in said they had to be rather forceful in insisting on being let in. Seems that the dining room staff are really discouraging everyone with the possible exception of those on a B2B. I think they use that time to re-group for a new week of passengers.

Some posters said it wasn't worth the stress and just went to another venue to eat, others insisted and were let in.
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We were on the cb in september, and went to the coral dining room for lunch. We were told by two of the staff members that lunch was being served in the horizon court. We refused to accept that, and went into the dining room. There was a lovely, peaceful, quiet lunch being served in the coral dining room. We were greeted, seated, and very nicely served. It was delightful. Moral of the story: Don't listen to what you are told. Look for yourself.

Enjoy your cruise.
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This seems to be a question asked often.
Yes, we enjoyed lunch in the dinning room.
We just walked in and were seated immediately.
We did not ask anyone first.
We did not have to be "forceful".
Very few people in the dinning room.

2 factors may have something to do with having NO problem getting in or enjoying lunch.

* We arrived well before 1 PM. Dinning room is closed at 1PM. Most embarking PAX arrive on board well after 1 PM.

* We were casual but appropriately dressed. NO shorts, No tank tops, no sweats.
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Officialy one dining room is always open for lunch in the embarkation day. But there is all the time somebody from the wait staff sending people up to the Horizont Court... Only the ones that are B2B are let in without any questions...

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i am near 300 pounds and i have never been that hungry to let that get to me.Lots of days ahead.have a hamburger.
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We do it every time we cruise, 3 times in the last 8 months.
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Originally posted by Colo Cruiser
We do it every time we cruise, 3 times in the last 8 months.
No problems at all on The Island, Keith?


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On Monday of this week I called Princess Public Relations. I told them about all the threads here on Cruise Critic about the problems with lunch in the dining room on embarkation day. The gentleman I spoke with was well aware of the Press Release sent out in January 2008. He stated that yes one dining room is to be open from 12:00 to 1:30 for lunch for all embarking passengers on ALL Princess ships. During our call he also spoke with Passenger Relations and they agreed. This was the first he and Passenger Relations had heard of passengers having trouble being seated for lunch during those hours on embarkation day on any ship.
Our conversation ended with him stating that correspondence would be sent to all ships advising the appropriate senior officers to be sure to accomodate passengers for lunch in a dining room on embarkation day.
Of course who knows if this will help, but it was worth the phone call.
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Good job Cattolica!! We were on the Sea Princess in July of this year and had absolutely no problem having lunch in the dining room. We were among the first on board (Platinums), but it was even advertised in the Patter. So I know some ships definitely got the memo and were open (and advertising). BTW, lunch was VERY good and we had excellent service.

We plan to have lunch next May on our trip on the Island. Hopefully by then they'll all be aware and won't give us any guff.
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We just got off the Sapphire and on embarkation day, since we were aboard by noon, we went by the International dining room to see if they were serving lunch. It was no problem to get in, but we decided to run to the buffet anyway since I wanted to eat quickly and explore the ship before it got too crowded.
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On the Crown in September they told me at the dining room entrance that the dining room was only open for continuing passengers on embaklation day.

I showed them a copy of the January press release, they discussed it, and only then let us in.

I suggest carrying a copy of the press release with you.
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On our next cruise in Feb. we plan on bringing the press release and enjoying a nice quiet lunch to start our cruise.
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Am I the only one who thinks that having to carry a copy of the press release to be able to eat in the dining room on embarkation day is a bit FREAKING CRAZY!!!!

Don't these people talk/call/send memo's to each other?

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Seems like the Golden is the biggest offender. Hopefully my phone call might do something........will have to wait and see when we sail on her in December.
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Can you post the date of the press release please. I have been reading the press releases on the Princess site but have failed to find it. Thank you
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Here is the link within the Princess site. If it doesn't work the Press Release was date 1/31/2008, so you will need to go into the "archive" news releases.

Originally posted by Ginnylou
Can you post the date of the press release please. I have been reading the press releases on the Princess site but have failed to find it. Thank you