Never done a big ship - Oasis - overwhelming? help?

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Originally posted by Host Clarea
Well, I'm close to that, except it would have to be a Voyager class ship out of Port Canaveral.
I do like that Voyager class Mariner is coming back to PC...but wish it was doing the longer cruises.
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We loved the Oasis of the Seas. We are an active family that likes to cruise so it suites us to a tee. So many fun things to do. I am a planner, so having to make reservations for shows and dinner is right up my alley. I disagree with some of the comments about lack of ocean views. There are so many places with ocean views. I love stopping during my run on the track and staring off the back of the ship. Watch the ocean go by sipping a margarita by the aquatic theatre . Hanging out in the solarium. Relaxing in the cantilever hot tubs. Star gazing on the front viewing area, or just walking the perimeter on the top deck. One day when the kids are gone and I feel like just chillin all day on a cruise ship, I could do the Celebrity style cruising, but the Oasis class fits for now. Harmony of the Seas next.

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Originally posted by lovinthewarmth
Good Morning this is my first post. I am trying to decide between a Celebrity Equinox sailing and a RCL Oasis sailing. I have been on 9 Carnival Cruises all different sizes and 1 NCL Sun cruise with my husband - he loved the smaller size. I thought it was small :/ and the entertainment was ok. We were all set to go on the Equinox until I read several posts about there not being a lot of activities during the day and not great entertainment at night. That got us looking at the Oasis and folks saying you need to do a big ship once. Thoughts? Feedback from folks that have done both? We are worried about feeling like cattle on Oasis? Thank you for any and all feedback.
We've done both classes and actually both ships. We like them both for their differences. The OP is right about less daytime activities but Celebrity has upped their nighttime entertainment. Don't fall for the food is better on Celebrity. The MDRs are probably equal but the food in service in the specialties are probably a step up on Celebrity. Equinox has more ocean views with it's outdoor seating at the Ocean View Cafe and the Sunset bar. Celebrity has a poolside hamburger joint called the Mast Grill. For the life of me, I don't understand why Royal doesn't. As far as crowding goes, neither Oasis Class or Solstice Class have ever felt crowded to me. We've had seven great cruises on Oasis Class ships and five great cruises on Solstice Class ships. I think the deciding factors for us is whether you want to have a traditional relaxing more mature cruise that is more connected to the sea or a fast pace family friendly cruise with more to do. The former would be Equinox and the latter would be Oasis.
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I finally got on Oasis this year and loved it. It did NOT feel any more crowded than Voyager or Freesom class with the possible exception of the stop at Labadee which was heavily loaded with the number of cruisers.

They have done a great job of breaking up the space, and created some really nice smaller entertainment spaces.

I think you will like it!
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We loved Oasis after two smaller and older Carnival ships. Never felt overwhelmed but it did take the full week to really see and do everything. To be fair we also loved the Carnival ships. We managed to get a good fare for spring break which always seems to be much cheaper than summer for us.

I think my family is more of the constant stimulation or else we're bored type. I could just lie around on a lounger in the sun all week but DH and DD want more, much more. Oasis was right up their alley. Still, you know what you like. If it's not for you I would not force it.
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Loved Oasis. When she first entered the fleet I said I'd never sail on her -too big. But she was in Port Canaveral and we wanted a cruise so we gave her a try. Very happy. Mostly never crowded. My only complaint is how they handle reservations for shows. You make reservations via cruise planner in advance and you get tix, but the lines are still not very well organized IMHO. But that is a minor complaint. Generally really enjoyed cruise and entertainment. You will have a great time.
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