2004 SUMMITEERS - The Sequel

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Yes...I've taught Gary everything he knows..........

Our cruise together will be so much fun........I checked out your Jeep/snorkeling tour and it looks like fun. Gary couldn't do it because they won't let anyone do it with heart, back or neck problems. Is it 8 hours long? That will be your entire time in Cozumel, but looks like you get to do a lot of stuff.
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Yeah, but Gary has used his for evil!

Garrett took a Jeep tour in Puerto Vallarta once with Jack and Oink. I had wanted to take this cooking class and Garrett wasn't too keen on my being by myself. But he relented because it was a ship's tour. Plus, I had him ask Lenore if they were interested in the Jeep tour and they were. So, I think he will be happy with this one.

Sorry about the Tequila Tour. I would have been hapoy to go again, but Garrett seldom drinks hard liquor. Now, visit a brewery and he's in! 😁

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Becki, looks like you have been hitting the Tequila this morning... you wrote the following, I would have been hapoy to go again

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