Kid's Program on the Grand

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Winnipeg, Manitoba
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I am looking for information about the programming available for a 9-year-old on the Grand. What kinds of activities do they offer? Is there a separate "Princess Patter" for the kids? If so, are there any links out there to it?

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There is a separate publication for the kids program. You will get a copy of the appropriate one based on the age of your kid at the beginning of the cruise with details of each days activities. My 9 y/o had a GREAT time on our March cruise on the Grand. The kids program for that age ends at 10:00 PM and she was back at the cabin shortly after, but never before. They disected a squid, toured the bridge, colored t-shirst (free of charge) played games, had group dinner 2 nights, made a model roller-coaster, and did a talent show.

I'm sorry I don't have a link to share with you. I'd be happy to answer any specific questions.

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The first hint I would give you is to ensure that you ask your steward for an appropriately sized child's life vest when you first meet him or her. On our voyage, none of the parents knew that they could ask, so all of the kids were carrying adult jackets. As to the program, You should present yourself with your child at the kids centre right after sailaway dinner, if not before (the counsellors are usually there early). They will show you around, get you to sign the permission forms and make sure that you have one of their special princess patters delivered to your cabin daily, starting with the next morning. The kids are even given a t-shirt. It appeared to be a good program and can be geared to the kids interests, i.e., computer type games, more active games, sciences, music, crafts, etc. Sorry I can't tell you more, but my "child" is 17 and not into much of the stuff for younger kids.

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Winnipeg, Manitoba
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Thanks for the info...that's exactly the kind of information that I was looking for. We were afraid they might be plunked in front of a video game for extended periods of time. Sounds like they do some really neat stuff. We are a little nervous about taking him along...we sailed the Golden in 2002 and we loved it, but we can sit in a lounge chair with a book for hours on end. I was just hoping that if he got tired of playing in the pool there might be something else for him to do.

Sapphire Princess
League City, TX USA
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We just got off the Grand with our two grandsons who took part in the kids' program. They had such a great time they want to go again. One is almost 6 and the other is 8. They broke the kids up by ages: 3-7, 8-12, and teens. David, the 8-year-old, learned about whales and dolphins and made a shark's tooth necklace. One afternoon they had Pelican Pete's Fiesta where the kids played games, decorated cookies, had face painting and other activities. The list of daily activities is provided on the day of sailing and you must register starting at 7:00 pm.

One recommendation if you have kids with you is to do the personal choice dining. We had first sitting in traditional and the boys were late to several evening functions. You keep the kids between 5 to 7 pm so the counselors can have a break. If we take the boys again, we will definitely choose personal choice.

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We had the same problem with traditional first seating. It starts just a bit too late for the kids to make the 7:00pm program start so Emily ended up begging to leave dinner early so she wouldn't miss much. Personal choice is the way to go.
Livonia, MI USA
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I agree with the timing of the first tradtional seating. Just off the Golden our 6 year old would need to be transported to the Fun Zone before our dinner was finished.
I managed to have her dinner served right away, while we were starting with our appetizers. So by the time our main course was served she was on her dessert.
I then took her to the Fun Zone in between our main course & dessert.
The nights I found more challenging was the 2 kids dinners. Those didn't start until 7. Well for a 6 year that was a bit late . . . not to mention she had to accompany us to the 6:15 traditonal seating. So we had her still eat with us & then join the rest of the group @ 7 for dessert.
One suggestion I would like to offer up . . . is that a picture ID is needed each a every time you pick up our kids with the Kids Zone. We had our cruise cards punched w/ a hole & put them on lands for around our neck (so when in a bathing suit with no pockets it was easily accessible) Therefore, I also had my Driver LIcense photo copied & then laminated, hole punched & added to my land. You could do this ahead at home or the purser desk can do the same)
Denver, CO
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My 7 year old (and 3yo) did the Grand with us in August. They were generally very happy. Not sure where you are going but if in Carribean avoid Princess Cays kids club, basically big fenced in sand box with little shade or things to do. Otherwise the program was great. From 10 to 1am you can get babby sititng for $5 an hour. Basically they watch a movie and nap. Great if you want to stay out late. Again, definitely do PC. Other than the first night and one formal night we basically fed the kids at the buffet upstairs, which they loved, and then took them to child care. Most nights we picked at least our older son up to take him to the shows with us. ALthough some nights he wanted to stay upstairs.
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Bucejr.....loved your pics!!! at costa maya, could you walk to that beach and swim in the pool there or was that on a tour??


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