rum in Grenada

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Hey Steve! I am not a big drinker, so I'm not sure what "aged" rum means, but there is a rum distillery called River Antoine Rum Distillery which is up north from where your ship will most likely be docking. You can access information about this distillery on line. Seems like it would be VERY interesting to check it out -- the rum is apparently rare - I don't even know if they sell it in the shops - I think you'd have to go to the distillery to get it - it is all hand distilled using old methods. Unfortunatlely, we will not have enough time to do that when we are there in November! Hoping to find someone that is going so that maybe they can bring me back a bottle! Good luck!
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M Steve,
The River Antoine distillery is an interesting visit - quite a drive from St Georges, and they don't sell any aged or dark rum, they have 2 strengths of overproof rum available. Not quite my taste, but hey.
The distillery is very old - the cane is crushed by a water-powered mill, the oldest operational in the Caribbean, and the rest of the processes are still very manual in nature. Tours can be arranged by showing up, we happened upon the distillery and were given a tour by one of the employees for $5 EC each if I recall.

Westerhall is another distillery, with an excellent aged rum available for sale on site, much lower price than even the duty free. Nearer St Davids, its small, quite interesting and the rum is excellent quality. Worth looking for, and much easier access than River Antoine.
We bought Westerhall in the cruise ship terminal "duty free" and again at a local grocery store as we were 10 days on the island. Saved a few dollars at the IGA, which I found interesting....

Enjoy your visit!
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Hey Mac Pete! As posted earlier, we will be on another tour and will not have time to go to the River you know where (in town) that particular brand of rum can be purchased?? Thanks! Mary
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For a 'sipping' rum; I'd suggest either the Old Grog, Westerhall, or Canne Royale (all made in Grenada). If you want a truly excellent rum, go for El Dorado from Guyana - it's as good as it gets! There's a good liquor store on the Carenage, near the Carenage Cafe. Just ask any local.
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There are three rum distilleries in Grenada, River Antoine in the northern part of the island, Westerhall on the eastern side and nearest to St. George is Clarkes Court in Woodlands.
Rum can be purchased from any number of rum shops or in the supermarkets.
If you like your rum over strength try Jack Iron.
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Originally posted by denboy
Rum can be purchased from any number of rum shops or in the supermarkets.
If you like your rum over strength try Jack Iron.
Jack Iron was originally (and may still be!!) illegal "bush rum" made in the Grenadines!

Westerhall Distilleries seems to have adapted the term Jack Iron
and make a nice WHITE JACK, which is the White Rum version
with the standard being a pale yellow.
Personally I prefer the White Jack, since it's only 70% Alcohol by volume!

Use judiciously. This stuff WILL put you on the carpet
- if you think you can pour it in your normal 'shot'...think again,dude!
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Hi guys -
There's a lot of wonderful info on the Minister of Rum's website - - - including some advice on rums in Grenada. When we're in Grenada next month, we'll likely visit Clarks' Court and Westerhall - in addition to finding lunch and having a little beach time. As for transporting our rum home, here's some advice from the experts:

"One word of caution, you won't be able to carry any alcohol over 70% abv back on a plane, it's considered too flammable to be carried on aircraft."

Can't wait to get there and enjoy this beautiful island!