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Moroni, UT
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I tried to seach but came up with a blank page. I hope someone can answer my question.

My family and I are planning a cruise, there will be me, husband, son (16), daughter (15), son (9) and sister-in-law(15). We are booking with Carnival Cruise line for a 4 day cruise on the Paradise, my parents will be joining us. This is the first cruise for all going. My question is about teens charging to my account. I will be getting to cabins for my family and my parents will get their own. Now I know that the arcade uses both quarters and they can charge to the sign and sail account, which sends up a big red flag with me. I don't want to end my cruise with a huge surprise because my kids went over their budget. Is there a way to limit their spending, does each cabin have its own account, can I put a cash deposit for them, how do others handle this situation? Thanks for any help you can give me.
Keller, TX
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Your best bet would be to post the same message on the Carnival board. There is a better chance of getting an answer there. I know on Royal Carib you can limit the amount on a cards account by paying cash up front. But again, go over to the Carnival board for the best answers.
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Henderson, NC
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We just had our kid's cards set up so they could not charge anything. When they went to the arcade, they just took cash. I am pretty sure that we could also have added money to their card. There was not much that they used money for though.
Deer Park, NY
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We went to the purser's desk- removed the charging option on the sign and sail card and left it as a room key only. Just like CruiseHobbit, when our son went to the arcade, he either took cash or my husband would go with him and purchase the tokens on his S&S card. Easy and we did not get any surprises ! LOL
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We're "Hanging Out" on the Legend!
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Well, you can go to the pursers desk and have them put only a certain amount of money on the card. Another option would be to get all the kids pop cards so they can get pop anytime they want and not give them charging. If one of the kids in the group doesn't drink pop you could let them charge but make sure that you let them know that its only for buying drinks since they don't like pop. Thats what my family did and there were no problems.

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We also had the kids cards changed to room keys only with no signing privledges that way there are no surprises and if they loose there cards there are no bigger surprises
We get the kids soda cards and they can purchase stuff in the store when with us, I guess once they get older things may change.
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