As you grow older and pass thru life the interfaces you have with others make you a richer person. My wife and I have been active on the dog show circuit here in Europe for many years. We have chat boards that we share information about the breed of dog we have and have learned a lot from them. Recently we took our first cruise, followed by two more in the same year, and became hooked. The thought occured to us that there should be a chat board that does the same thing for cruises. Then we came across Cruise Critic thru the advice of a friend and a whole new world opened for us. Everything you would want to know from information about a specific cabin, individual ships, cruise lines and ports are a click away! The most enjoyable part is interfacing with people that you will meet soon on an upcoming cruise or perhaps someone you may never meet but share similar likes and dislikes. We have been able to make our cruises so much more enjoyable thru the advice and insights from others. Thank you to all of the Cruise Critic staff and to all the members that have helped enrich our lives. For those that we have not yet met we especially look forward to meeting you also! Cheers, George and Alla
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Past Cruises:
Serenade of the Seas - June 2012 - 30 Year Anniversary
Splendour of the Seas - August 2012
Independence of the Seas - May 2013

Future Cruises:

Jewel of the Seas - B2B Sept/Oct 2014