Baby in JS on IOS

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Has anyone ever had a baby/toddler in a crib in the JS? When we booked it looking at the pictures we naturally thought the curtain you see in the pics pulls all the way across the room, so the plan was we could put her cot in the lounge area, pull the curtain across and we could sit in the bed area.

I have since found out the curtain does not pull across, how have you guys gone about separating the areas?

Our little girl who is 15th months is used to sleeping in a dark room with little noise, she isn't the type to fall asleep in your arms are watching TV, she has always been the same, so now we are a little worried about sleeping arrangements with her

I noticed the closet was quite big! I suggested to the OH we put her in the there, and that got me the look! so I think thats out


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If you google snooze shade the company do a version for the cot which may help. I am in an OV with 18month & 3 yr old so do understand where you are coming from!!!
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Originally posted by Merion_Mom
Actually, using the closet is a good idea. It is HUGE and you can leave the door open.
That's exactly what I thought. But the mrs thinks I am bonkers but the pictures show it be easily big enough!

Will go google the snooze shade thank you
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Libra, thank you so much thats fantastic and just ordered one, I wish i knew about these a year ago! just what we needed, I was thinking of putting something over cot!

it also acts as a mosquito net which will be handy, we have also ordered her one for buggy, as getting her off to sleep in that when she is tired is a nightmare!

thanks again!

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Different ship... but we took our daughter on Allure last year and I was told same thin about the curtain not going all the way across, and well, it certainly did.

We pulled the curtain and let her fall asleep. she did great.

I thought about the closet briefly, but gave myself those looks and said no way.

I bet the little one will be fine with the curtain closed, even if not all the way as reported
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I don't think there's anything wrong with a small child sleeping in the closet if this is the best option. I will tell you as the mother of 3 and grandmother of 5 it has been done in my family.
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Years ago when my youngest DS was 4 months old, we stayed in a Navy Lodge that had a huge walk-in closet. That's where he slept in the portable wooden crib they provided (there were no pack and plays then). His 2.5 year old brother slept in the other bed in our room. It was no big deal and the baby slept very well. They're now 26 and 28 and none the worse for wear.
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Thanks for your responses everyone,

the curtain defo does not go across on the JS, its as you see it, had it confirmed by a few people and RCI direct,

I will see how the closet is when we get on board, might put the mrs in it!

Thanks to Libra we have ordered one of these

Which looks perfect for us, also acts as a fly net,

I just know what our little girl is like, if we put the light on go to toilet she would be up, she isn't so bad with noise its the light that does it! so this should be ideal, and then once we go to bed I can open up the top up so she doesn't wake up feeling enclosed,

Thanks Again