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We have a family group on an upcoming 15 day cruise. DH and I "bought" cabins for us and each of our two kids and their SOs; or, three cabins altogether. We had significant OBCs from Military, On Board Booking bonus, etc. Once on board can I use our OBC to purchase Soda 'N' More cards for our kids? Princess rep said we couldn't "share" OBCs but I'm almost positive that we bought Soda 'N' More cards for everyone when we went to Hawaii last year.

As a separate issue: do Soda 'N' More cards still cover milk shakes? I think I read that Milkshakes were not longer included.

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I would be shocked if they did not allow you to pay for multiple soda packages with one transaction to your account once onboard. Just have the kids line up with you to get the stickers on each of their cards.

And it does appear that shakes are no longer included in the Soda and More though some ships did individually choose to make an exception as the changes to the various beverage programs were phased in. Can't hurt to try especially if your kids have cute smiles
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The purchase goes to whoever signs the receipt. If that person happens to have OBC, then that takes care of the charge.
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I agree with LeeW. I have purchased the soda and more package for other members traveling with us and since it was with my card, i got charged. I have heard that some ships still allow you to get milkshakes with the package. Who knows for sure, things keep changing. Can only ask on board.