Pizza on Princess has gotten really bad

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They are trying to move us to a pay for everything extra . If you want something decent you pay extra.
Some are falling for it!
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Originally posted by PoohUnderstands
Ok, here comes Miss Snippy. Cruise Critic has given me so much information over the years and I love the ability to chat with you all. But I see a thread like this......... is it just that someone is bored or feeling whimsical? I mean, really, pizza good or bad on a cruise? I mean I have been on many cruises now and literally not once have I used up my calories allowed(a lot!) on a piece of pizza and I eat pizza at home a lot. There is so much to enjoy and learn and do on a cruise that this just seems a little much. Are there really that many people that eating pizza on a cruise is one of their high points?

Again, I have been up all night with a sick grandchild so that may be MY problem right now. But then you ask, here I am reading about the bad/good pizza thread so what does that say about me!??!!!! Grin.

Whatever, I hope those that really do enjoy pizza get on a Princess ship where it is good!!! For me I will never know. Well, may have to take that back in that I will be going on the Royal for the first time in March and will probably try Alfredo's - but order something besides pizza! Grin.

Have a great day all.


No offense intended - but when I go on a cruise (or hell, ANY vacation) the last thing in the world I worry about are "calories"

Hell, I've paid for that food - I intend to eat it!!
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We try the pizza every cruise and we aren't fans of it.
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Originally posted by Vacationdreamer<><
Just off Crown.
Sad to say the Mexican pizza was hideous - one bite was all I could do.
The pepperoni was slightly better, but I didn’t finished that one either.
Count me on not-loving-it-list.

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Seriously? Mexican Pizza? Are you kidding? What’s that?
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I had the pizza on the Emerald in January and I didn't think there was anything wrong with it at all.
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Originally posted by Kingofcool1947
Seriously? Mexican Pizza? Are you kidding? What’s that?

I love pizza.
I love Mexican.
This was a weird concoction.
Giant chunks of sausage but no other real taste.

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Originally posted by Vacationdreamer<><

I love pizza.
I love Mexican.
This was a weird concoction.
Giant chunks of sausage but no other real taste.

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Perhaps if they actually put some sauce on the stuff it might have more flavor. They seem to use very little sauce and what they do use is flavorless. Apparently they have never heard of using spices in pizza sauce.
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Sad to hear that it has changed across the line. We were on the Caribbean Princess and I thought the pizza was great. 9 months later on the Diamond Princess, it was basic cruise line cardboard pizza. I HOPED it was the difference between the ships and part of the world where we were cruising.
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Due to so many different opinions, I think it might be safe to say that the pizza varies greatly from ship to ship.

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Like so many things, we all have our particular tastes. Pizza is no different. Just because of threads like this, my sister and I tried the pizza on the Caribbean Princess this past week. Both of us liked it. It was nothing special, but nothing wrong with it. It was thin crust pizza with the greasy skim from using real cheese.

We ate anytime and always shared tables and had a few people complain about the food, but I saw nothing wrong with the quality. A few dishes throughout the week were not to my taste, but they weren't BAD - they were just different than I'm used to or prefer. Others were different and I liked them better than what I'm used to. That's part of the experience - getting perhaps a different flavour combination than I'm used to.

Complaining that food is "terrible" when it simply isn't to your taste is just completely self-centered. Lots of people like this "terrible" food.
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I came off the Crown Friday 1/12/18 and found the pizza really good. The margherita and pepperoni were daily choices and there was a third special of the day choice. All were solid. I especially liked the Nizzardo option with tuna filets and purple onion. Dough, sauce, cheese and toppings were all flavorful. I would recommend any without hesitation.
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Any word on the pizza currently on the Star?
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Off the Island Princess Tuesday... tried the pizza twice .. it was not good. No flavor and very skimpy on the toppings. Have not experienced this before... so might be ship specific 😩🍕
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